Dual Credit for High School Courses

About Dual Credit

The Dual Credit program is a partnership between South Suburban College (SSC) and area high schools and career centers. This program allows students to earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of a dual credit course.

Benefits of Dual Credit for Students

Dual Credit students are also SSC students! They are entitled to obtain a SSC student ID card at the Office of Student Life and Leadership, room 2329. In order to receive an SSC ID, students need to present the following:

  • Proper identification card (Driver’s License, State ID)
  • Current class schedule (For the Dual Credit Class)
  • Student identification number (From SSC)

Reduces Overall College Costs

South Suburban College Dual Credit courses are offered at no cost to the student if they are taught by an approved high school instructor.
Speeds up the time to college degree completion. Dual Credit students will complete their degrees in less time.

Enhances the Curriculum for High School Students

The addition of college coursework to high school curricula expands the options available to high school students while adding college level rigor.

Facilitates the Transition Between High School and College

Dual Credit courses help prepare students for the transition to college by engaging them in college level work and developing pathways to degree attainment.

High School Students are Able to Obtain College Credit Prior to Graduation

Students enjoy the convenience of taking SSC Dual Credit courses within their high school daytime schedule.
Dual Credit courses are transferable SSC courses. The student will receive an SSC transcripted grade upon completion of their dual credit course. For additional information about transferring credit please refer to www.itransfer.org.

How Do Students Register for a Dual Credit Class?

  • The dual credit instructor will provide a course registration form.
  • The student must complete the form and return it to the instructor.
  • Each dual credit course requires its own registration form.
  • An SSC academic record/transcript is created when a student is registered in a dual credit course.

How Do Students Start the SSC Dual Credit Enrollment Process?

  1. To be eligible, a student:
    • Must have completed appropriate high school courses with an average of “B” or better.
    • Must be referred by a high school counselor.
  2. Fill out all required forms. To register for a Dual Credit course, students must submit a Dual Credit admissions application and a Dual Credit parent permission form, to become an SSC student. A Social Security Number is required in order to complete the application process.
  3. Return completed forms to school counselor.
  4. Take ACT COMPASS Placement Test.
  5. Credit will be posted on the student’s SSC transcript upon completion of the course. The student is responsible for finding out if such credit will transfer to another college or university and if the credit will be applied toward a specific degree or certificate program.