Adult Education

Now you can reach for success – reach your dreams – by enrolling in a South Suburban College Adult Education program. We offer a wide range of opportunities that will develop your basic skills, preparing you to reach your dreams and achieve success. The benefits of completing the high school education you never finished are both mentally and financially rewarding- you get personal satisfaction while also increasing your employment potential. The following programs are offered at several locations throughout the south suburban area.

ABE – Adult Basic Education (0-8.9): A program designed to assist adults who have skills below the ninth grade level in improving their reading, writing and math knowledge.

ASE – Adult Secondary Education (9-12): A program designed to prepare adults who have not finished high school for the four-part HSE exams.

HSE for ESL – High school equivalency (9-12): A program designed to prepare former ESL students to take the four-part HSE exams or entry into post-secondary education.

ESL – English as a Second Language: A program for limited English proficient students who wish to improve their ability to speak, understand, read, and write English.

Adult Volunteer Literacy – An individualized volunteer tutoring program designed for adults who need to increase their competencies in basic reading, writing, listening and math.

Constitution Preparation – A program designed to prepare students for the Constitution exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Indiana residents will not be accepted into our programs.

The South Suburban College Adult Education program is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Priority registration is given to continuing students who are making progress in their studies. Waiting lists will be taken as classes have a maximum number of students who can be served.

For the purpose of compliance with Section 511 of Public Law 101-166 (the Stevens Amendment). Federal funds of $306,398 provide approximately 36% of the support of these programs.