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3 Stages of SSC, The


ACT Center
Academic Assistance Center
Academic Calendar
Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Recognition
Acceptance of Transfer Credit Policy
Accounting, AAS Degree
Accounting, Certificate
Accounting Courses
Accounting Systems - Information Management, AAS Degree
Accounting Systems - Information Management, Paraprofessional Certificate
Accounting Systems - Information Management, Computerized Accounting Certificate
Accounting Systems - Information Management, Tax Preparer Certificate
Accreditation, Approval and Memberships
Activities & Events
Administration Directory
Administrative Support Corporate Emphasis, AAS Degree
Administrative Support Medical Emphasis, AAS Degree
Admissions, Registration and Records
Admissions & Registration FAQ
Admission Eligibility
Advanced Placement (AP) College Entrance Examination Board
Advising Tools
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Adult/Community Education Programs
Affirmative Action
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention Information for Students
Alert System

Allied Health
Alumni Information
Alternative Credit
Anthropology, AA Degree
Anthropology Courses
Applications & Forms
Applied Engineering Technology
Applied Engineering Technology, AAS Degree
Applied Engineering Technology Courses
Art, AFA Degree
Art Courses
Art Galleries
Assessment Center
Associate Degrees Offered
Astronomy, AS Degree
Astronomy Courses
Attendance Policy - Impact on Grades

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Banked Credit for High School Courses
Baseball, Men's
Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program (BNATP)
Basketball, Men's
Basketball, Women's
Behavioral Incident Report
Biology, AS Degree
Biology Courses
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Policy & Procedure Manual
Board of Trustees Scholarships
Building Code Enforcement
Building Code Enforcement, AAS Degree
Building Code Enforcement, Basic Certificates
Building Code Enforcement, Concrete and Framing Certificate
Building Code Enforcement, Electrical Inspections Certificate
Building Code Enforcement, Mechanical Inspections Certificate
Building Code Enforcement, Plumbing Inspections Certificate
Building Code Enforcement Courses
Building Construction Technology
Building Construction Technology, AAS Degree
Building Construction Technology, Building Rehabilitation Certificate
Building Construction Technology, Construction Supervision and Management Certificate
Building Construction Technology, Home Maintenance Certificate
Building Construction Technology, New Residential Construction Certificate
Building Construction Technology Courses
Business, AS Degree
Business Courses
Business & Career Institute (BCI)
Business & Career Institute (BCI) IT Training
Business & Career Institute (BCI), about
Business & Career Institute (BCI), directions & maps to the
Business Programs & Computer Technology
Business Law Courses

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Campus Police
Campus Services
Campus Visits
Career Coach
Career Development & Jobs Center
Career Education Programs
Certificate and Degree Admissions
Certified Professional Secretary Emphasis, AAS Degree
Change of Registration
Chargebacks and Cooperative Agreements
Chemistry, AS Degree
Chemistry Courses
Child Development
Child Development, AAS Degree
Child Development, Certificate
Child Development Courses
Child Development Center
Code of Conduct, Academic
Code of Conduct, Student
Code of Conduct, Violence and Threats of Violence (Students)
Coding & Billing Specialist, Certificate
College For Kids
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Defense Activity for
Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

College Messaging System
College Recruitment
Communications Courses
Communication and Humanities
Communication Services
Community Education
Community Theatre at SSC
Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), AAS Degree
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Advanced AEC Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Advanced Mechanical Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Architectural Engineering Construction Technology Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Basic AEC Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Basic Mechanical Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), CADD Technical Publishing Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Mechanical Engineering Technology Certificate
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Courses
Computer Information Sciences
Computer Information Sciences Degree
Computer Information Sciences A+ Technician Prep Basic Certificate
Computer Information Sciences Cabling Technician Basic Certificate
Computer Information Sciences Cisco Network Technician Basic Certificate
Computer Information Sciences Courses
Computer Labs
Computer Sciences Courses
Contacting SSC
Continuing Education
Counseling Center
Course Descriptions
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology, AAS Degree
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology, Basic Certificate
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology, Certificate
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology, Machine Shorthand Secretarial Certificate
Court Reporting/Verbatim Technology Courses
Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice System, AAS Degree
Criminal Justice System, Certificate
Criminal Justice System, Corrections Officer/Youth Supervisor, AAS Degree
Criminal Justice System Courses
Current Students

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Dean's List/President's Scholars
Degree/Certificate Completion
Degree Completion Requirements
Digital (Graphic) Arts Courses
Directions & Maps
Discrimination and Harassment Policy for Students
Distance Learning
District 510 Map
Dorothy Thiel Art Gallery
Drafting Courses
Drama, AA Degree
Drama Courses
Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Information/Student Assistance Program
Due Process For The Student Code of Conduct

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Echocardiography, AAS Degree
Echocardiography, Courses
Economics, AA Degree
Economics Courses
Economic and Workforce Development
Education Courses
Electronics Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology, AAS Degree
Electronics Engineering Technology, Basic Electricity Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology, Basic Electronics Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology, Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology, Digital Electronics Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology, Industrial Electronics Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology Courses
Elementary Education
eMail - Student
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Advanced (Paramedic) Certificate
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Courses
Emergency Closure & Procedures
Emergency First Aid
Employment Opportunities
Employment Policy Statement
Engineering, AES Degree
Engineering Courses
English, AA Degree
English Courses
English Writing Center
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Equal Education Opportunity

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FACTS Payment Plan
Faculty Development
Faculty Directory
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 Notification of Rights
Under FERPA For Post Secondary Institutions

Federal and State Financial Aid Academic Satisfactory Progress
Federal Work/Study Program (On-Campus Employment)
Final Exam Schedule
Financial Aid
Financial Aid FAQ
Financial Aid, Evaluation and Appeal Procedures
Financial Aid, Policy
Financial Aid, Ramifications
Financial Aid, Reinstatement
Financial Aid, Student Designations
First Aid Courses
Fitness Center
Food Service
Foreign Student Special Program Admission
Forensic Science
Forensic Science Degree
Forensic Science Courses
Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1
Future Student

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General Education Requirements for Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree
General Education Objectives
General Education Purpose Statements For A.A., A.S., and A.A.S. Degrees
Geography, AS Degree
Geography Courses
Geology, AS Degree
Geology Courses
Grade Point Average
Grading System
Graduation Checklists
Graduation Requirements for Transfer Associate Degree Programs
Graphic Design

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Health Science/Physical Education, AS Degree
High School Equivalency (HSE)
High School Students Special Program Admissions
Highway Construction Training Careers Program
History, AA Degree
History Courses
History of the College
Honors Program
Human Resources
Human Services Associate
Human Services Associate, AAS Degree
Human Services Associate, Addiction Counseling Certificate
Human Services Associate, Sign Language Basic Certificate
Human Services Associate Courses
Human Success Project, Special Program Admissions
Humanities Courses
Humanities & Fine Arts Courses

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Identification (ID) Cards
Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) and General Transfer Information

Illinois Voter Registration Information
ILP Moodle
International Study Scholarships & Study Abroad Program
International Study Scholarships for Students
International Study Scholarships for Faculty & Administrators
Internet Courses
iWatch South Suburban

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Job Training Department

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Kindig Performing Arts Center, Schedule of Events at the PAC

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Law Enforcement
Lean Institute
Legal Assistant Program
Legal Assistant, AAS Degree
Legal Assistant, Certificate
Legal Assistant Courses
Legal Studies
Lee Dulgar Art Gallery
Liberal Arts, AA Degree
Life Sciences and Physical Education

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Certificate
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Courses
Management-Administrative Assistant
Management-Administrative Assistant, AAS Degree
Management-Administrative Assistant, Certificate
Management-Administrative Assistant, Basic Certificate
Management-Manager/Supervisor, AAS Degree
Management-Manager/Supervisor, Certificate
Management-Manager/Supervisor, Supervisor Skills Basic Certificate
Management-Small Business Manager/Entrepreneurship
Management-Small Business Manager/Entrepreneurship, AAS Degree
Management-Small Business Manager/Entrepreneurship, Certificate
Management-Small Business Manager/Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems AAS
Management Information Systems - Webmaster AAS
Management Information Systems Network Technician Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Microsoft Network Technician Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems UNIX Network Technician Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Cisco Network Technician Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Help Desk Certificate Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Microcomputer Programming Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Programming in BASIC Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Programming for Windows Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Web Programming Basic Certificate
Management Information Systems Courses
Marketing-Management, AAS Degree
Marketing-Management, Certificate
Marketing-Management, Retailing Basic Certificate
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising, AAS Degree
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising, Certificate
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising Basic Certificate
Mass Communication
Mass Communication, Multimedia; AA Degree
Mass Communication, Radio & TV; AA Degree
Mass Communication Courses
Master Academic Plans
Mathematics, AS Degree
Mathematics Courses
Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant, Certificate
Medical Assistant Courses
Medical Records Technology, Certificate
Medical Records Technology Courses
Military Credits
Mission Statement
Music, AFA Degree
Music Courses
Music Performance Organization Courses

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Nanoscience Technology
Nanoscience Technology, AAS Degree
Nanoscience Technology, Certificate
Nanoscience Technology, Courses
Net Price Calculator
New Credit Student Procedures
News/Press Releases
New Students
News and Information
Non-Degree Students
Nursing Program
Nursing, Associate Degree (ADN) Degree
Nursing Courses - Associate Degree (RN)
Nursing Programs Special Admission
Nutrition Courses

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Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA), AAS Degree
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Courses
Office Administration & Technology (OAT)
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), AAS Degree
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Administrative Support Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Basic Office Skills Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Clerical Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Microcomputer Applications Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Microcomputer Tools Basic Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT), Microsoft Office Suite Tools Basic Certificate
Office Administration & Technology (OAT) Courses
Office of College Recruitment
On-Campus Student Employment
Online Courses
Online Registration
Open Computer Labs
Organizational Chart
Outcomes Assessment
Overseas Program Admission
Overview for College Success Course

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PAC Rats Theatre Company
Paralegal Program
Paralegal, AAS Degree
Paralegal, Certificate
Paralegal Courses
Performing Arts Center, Kindig
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technician, Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Courses
Philosophy, AA Degree
Philosophy Courses
Phi Theta Kappa (Psi Pi Chapter), Honor Society
Phlebotomy, Basic Certificate
Phlebotomy Courses
Photo Four Art Gallery
Physical Education
Physical Education, AS Degree
Physical Education/Health Science Courses
Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences Courses
Physics, AS Degree
Physics Courses
Placement Testing, Group Advising and Registration
Policy For Responsible Use of Information Technology
Political Science, AA Degree
Political Science Courses
Portal - My SSC
Pre-Pharmacy Transfer Program
President's Welcome
Private Scholarships and Grants
Professional Child Care, Basic Certificate
Professional Nanny, AAS Degree
Programs of Study
Psychology, AA Degree
Psychology Courses
Public Act 096-0542
Purchasing, Contracts, and Payment
Purpose Statements for General Education Requirements

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Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology, AAS Degree
Radiologic Technology Courses
Reading Courses
Rebound Program
Registration Information
Requirements for a Certificate

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Section Numbers

Sexual Harassment (Illinois Human Rights Act, 775 ILCS 5/1-101 et seq.)

SGA/Cofer Emergency Book Loan Program
SSC 360 - 360 REWIND
SSC 360 - SSC's Cable Television Show
SSC Alert
SSC Connect
SSC Foundation
SSC Internet Guidelines
SSC Main Campus, Directions & Maps to the
SSC Main Campus Map
SSC Playhouse
SSC Requirements for Admission to Baccalaureate/Transfer Programs
Scholarship Opportunities
Services for Students with Disabilities Office

Sign Language, Basic Certificate
Small Business Services
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sociology, AA Degree
Sociology Courses
Soccer, Men's
Soccer, Women's
Softball, Women's
Spanish, AA Degree
Spanish Courses
Special Program Admissions
Special Tuition Programs
Specific General Education Requirements for Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree
Speech Communication, AA Degree
Speech Communication Courses
Staff Directory
Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP)
Student Consumer Information
Student eMail
Student Employment
Student Government Association
Student Grade Appeal Process
Student Grievance Procedure (non-academic matters)
Student Handbook
Student Help Center and College Recruitment
Student ID Cards
Student Life
Student Life, Clubs and Organizations
Student Safety
Student Services
Student Threat
Study Abroad Program
Study Skills Course

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Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide, AAS Degree
Teacher Aide, Certificate
Teacher Aide Courses
Text Only Viewing
The Educator - SSC's Cable Channel
Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts, AA Degree
Theatre Arts, performing
Theatre Arts Courses
Threat Assessment
Title IX
Total Quality Management Courses
Transfer Center
Transfer Programs
Tuition & Payment Information

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University and College Center, Directions to
Urban Studies Courses

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Veterans Services
Virtual Math Assistant
Volleyball, Women's

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Web Advisor - My SSC

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