A Message to Our Community…

Greetings South Suburban College Community,

I come to you today with heavy heart at the thought of what is happening in our community today. The violent upheaval and spirit of disruption, corruption, and lawless behavior is unnerving. My heart cries for my community! We are looking at an America that is plagued by systemic racism that has too long been deeply rooted in the fabric of our society. We must stand together and reverse this spirit of hate and disruption. As an African American woman, I understand your frustration, I hear your cry and I feel your pain! I too am angry! But, looting, vandalism and other acts of criminal behavior will not get our voices heard to demand justice for the victims who have been killed by the hands of those who have taken an oath to serve and protect.

We must do our part to reverse what is happening in our community. We must stand in solidarity and bring about positive change. Will you accept that challenge? Racism, discrimination and violent acts have held us back long enough. We must turn this heartbreak into positive action. We must get back to a path of justice, civility and peaceful order. That’s how we influence change and honor the lives of all of the victims.

Under the leadership of our Board of Trustees, we will remain organized, committed, focused, transparent and inclusive in order to achieve the positive results our community desperately needs during this dark period in our nation’s history. We have never been and will not be silent. At SSC our philosophy is one of equity and inclusion. As such, we will continue to serve, embrace diversity, educate, advocate and stand together peacefully to demand justice until our voices are heard and positive change is achieved.

My ask of you today is that you help stop the violence, protest peacefully, protest with a purpose and establish an agenda that everyone can be proud of. Be the positive change I know is within you. South Suburban College and I are committed to be an active participant in that change for our students, for our community, and for our future generations. And we are here to wrap our arms around you. We are in this together!

In Your Service,

Dr. Lynette Stokes

Lynette D. Stokes, Ed.D.