Allied Health & Nursing Center

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Rending of the Atrium
Rending of the 1st floor Assembly Room
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South Suburban College is dedicated to inspiring and equipping students to meet real needs in the community and direct their own lives.

Equity, Sustainability, Productivity, Empowerment…

There are four pillars of human development…

  • Equity: equal access to opportunities irrespective of race, ethnicity or economic status;
  • Sustainability: which requires continuity in the availability of and access to opportunity;
  • Productivity: human work being constantly advanced and enriched by building capabilities in people to meet society’s needs and,
  • Empowerment: giving people – especially in socially and economically disadvantaged communities – increased freedom to make choices.

SSC is passionately committed to help end systemic poverty and social injustice in Chicago’s Southland, by inspiring and equipping our students to meet real needs in the community and take charge of their own lives.

75% of all healthcare is provided by professions other that physicians

For over 90 years South Suburban College has been preparing caring people to provide exceptional care – offering 12 Certificate and Associate Degree Programs with graduates exceeding the national certification exam pass rates in all programs.

But the need for qualified health care professionals keeps growing and we must expand to meet this demand.

This generation of students, indeed the entire Chicago Southland region, desperately needs your help to share in the economic promise of America. Your generous investment in our proposed Allied Health & Nursing Center will work doubly hard – contributing to the health of people throughout Chicago’s Southland and the health of the local economy – maximizing economic opportunity, fairness and equity throughout the region and empowering students to be artisans of their own lives. Guaranteed, it’s the healthiest investment you can make.