Community Health Worker Degree (CHW.AAS)

Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to the program. Students will be notified of status by mail after July 15th. The SSC CHW program does not wait list applicants from one year to the next; therefore, applicants who are not selected must reapply for successive years.

All students must demonstrate a minimum math competency equivalent to Elementary Algebra (MTH 095) to fulfill the AAS degree requirement as well as complete all general education and CHW Program coursework with a “C” or better to progress to successive semesters, including fieldwork.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Program Admissions
  • RDG 082 or RDG 082 Placement
  • MTH 095 or MTH 095 Placement
  • Active CPR Certification.

Current Community Health Workers may be eligible for ECEP credit for their knowledge or competency through life/work experiences. For ECEP information, please see Alternative Credit.

Overview for College Success Credits
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1
Overview for College Success (OCS 121) is a class that will help you plan and assist you in becoming a better student and support you in your work/life balance. OCS 121 credit is not calculated in the course minimum credit totals listed in this section.
General Education Requirements Credits
ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
HIT 102 Fundamentals of Medical Terminology 2
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SPE 108 Oral Communication 3
Prerequisites Credits
SPN 115 Spanish for Health Care Providers 3
PSY 211 Human Growth and Development 3
BIO 115 Human Body Structure 4
HSA 113 Issues of Diversity 4
Cluster 3 Credits
CHW 101 Introduction to Community Health 3
CHW 105 Assessing Community Resources 3
CHW 115 Nutrition and Disease 3
CHW 110 Community Health Development 3
CHW 112 Portfolio I 3
Cluster 4 Credits
CHW 200 CHW Case Management 3
CHW 220 CHW Fieldwork I 2
MIS 101 Computer Literacy and Applications 3
CHW 118 Communicable, Environmental, and Occupational Disease 3
CHW 215 Introduction To Community Health Research 3
Cluster 5 Credits
CHW 212 Portfolio II 3
CHW 225 Fieldwork II 2
CHW 230 CHW Leadership 3
CHW 125 Public Health and Global Societies 3
Must Choose Two Electives Credits
CHW 109 Mental Health/Substance Abuse 3
CHW 125 Public Health and Global Societies 3
CHW 235 Introduction to Maternal/Child Health 3
CHW 205 Parenting Skills 3
CHW 100 Health and the Public 3
CHW 120 Public Health Epidemics 3
Total Hours: 61

For questions regarding the Community Health Worker Program, please contact Angela Ellison, Community Health Worker Program Coordinator, or the Allied Health & Career Department at (708) 596-2000, ext. 2204.

To make an appointment concerning Allied Health Careers, please contact the Counseling Department at (708) 210-5724.