Nanoscience Technology AAS Degree (NAN.AAS)

Once admitted into the Nanoscience Technology Program, students will be asked to complete a criminal background check and a possible drug screening. Students are responsible for the payment of the drug screening and background check. Eligibility of internship sites might be dependent on results of the criminal background and drug screening results.

The Nanoscience Technology Degree has specific admission requirements.

Students must finish all prerequisite courses by December prior to the fall semester of the year you are seeking admission. Students must complete all Nanoscience Technology program courses and general education courses with a “C” or better.

Be advised that Biology must be completed within the last 5 years to satisfy the program requirements.

All students must be certified in CPR and hold a current card throughout the entire program.

Overview for College Success Credits
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1
Overview for College Success (OCS 121) is a class that will help you plan and assist you in becoming a better student and support you in your work/life balance. OCS 121 credit is not calculated in the course minimum credit totals listed in this section.
Program Prerequisites Credits
ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
SPE 108 Oral Communication 3
BIO 105 General Biology 4
MTH 165 College Algebra 4
Semester 1 Credits
PHY 101 Mechanics and Heat 4
CHM 113 General Chemistry I 5
NAN 120 Fundamentals of Nanoscience I 4
Semester 2 Credits
MTH 211 Introductory Statistics 4
PSY 102 Sound, Light, Electricity 4
NAN 130 Fundamentals of Nanoscience II 4
Group II Humanities Elective 3
Semester 3 Credits
NAN 220 Nano Electronics 4
NAN 230 Nano Biotechnology 4
NAN 240 Nano Materials 4
Semester 4 Credits
NAN 250 Nano Manufacturing 4
NAN 260 Nano Techniques 3
NAN 299 Internship 2 3
Group III Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
Total Credit Hours: 66

For questions regarding the Nanoscience Technology Program, please contact  Calvin Stark, Part Time Coordinator of the NanoScience Program, or call the Allied Health/Careers Department at (708) 596-2000, ext. 2204.

To make an appointment concerning Allied Health Careers, please contact the Counseling Department at (708) 210-5724.