Studio Facilities at South Suburban College

Oil Painting

Painting, Drawing, and 2-Dimensional Design Studios

All studios have natural light and equipped with easels and drawing tables. The studios are open during the day and art students are encouraged to use the studios outside of class hours.

Art History Resource Library

The library has 25,000 slides, films, video tapes, CD-ROMs and periodicals pertaining to art history and individual artists.

Computer Lab

Computer Art Lab

Computer art is taught in a Macintosh Lab equipped with computers, color scanner, printers, drawing tablets, and digital camera.

Jewelry Workshop

The jewelry shop has tools for soldering, forging, raising, casting, electroforming, anodizing, photo-etching and stone setting available for use.

Ceramic Studio

Ceramics Workshop

The ceramics studio has 12 electric wheels, 2 large gas fired and 1 electric kiln for low and high firing of ceramic work. Students work with clay mixing and glaze chemistry.

Printmaking Shop

The print shop has a Dickerson press, smaller intaglio press, vacuum light table, litho stones, silk screen equipment and woodcut tools to assist in a variety of printing methods.


Sculpture Studio

This studio is equipped with hand and power tools, gas and arc welding equipment equipment and a foundry for bronze casting.