Department of Mathematics

Instructor helping a math student

For those who wish to find employment in today’s highly technical job market, a thorough knowledge of computer technology and mathematics is vital for success. South Suburban College is proud to offer courses designed to give students the background that they need to go on to earn advanced degree, and ultimately enter the technological job market. Many of these courses are specifically designed for transfer, enabling students to complete their first two years of coursework leading towards a Bachelor’s degree in virtually any field of study at a four year college or university.

The Mathematics program covers a wide range of areas from general mathematics to technical subjects such as trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. These courses will help students explore the concepts of mathematics and its applications in today’s world economy.

Computer Science courses provide students an understanding of the effect computers have had and will have on society and their use as problem-solving tools. Fundamental principles, concepts, and methods are explored along with problem solving and programming techniques. Programming languages are also studied.