Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)(NUR.AAS.ADN)

There are specific admission requirements to get in the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

Overview for College Success Credits
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1
Overview for College Success (OCS 121) is a class that will help you plan and assist you in becoming a better student and support you in your work/life balance. OCS 121 credit is not calculated in the course minimum credit totals listed in this section.
ADN Admission Requirements Credits
CNA Certificate, or LPN License or Certified Paramedic or Certified Medical Assistant needed – non-credit/no escrow
ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric (minimum grade of “B”) 3
BIO 185 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (minimum grade of “B”) [1] 4
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (minimum grade of “B”) 3
HIT 103 Medical Terminology (minimum grade of “B”) (formally MDR) 3
MTH 097 or equivalent Essential Intermediate Algebra (minimum grade of “B”)* 4*
Test out of NON-Level course 13
Repetition of courses – prerequisites and/or general education coursework may be repeated twice for a total of (3) three enrollments in a course without exception.

Program Requirement

Courses in bold type must be taken during semester indicated. ALL nursing program required courses must be completed with a “C” or better.
Biology courses (BIO 186 & BIO 224) must be successfully completed within the last five years at the time of application to satisfy program requirements.

Semester One – Fall Credits
ADN 150 The Concepts of Professional Nursing 9
PSY 211 Growth and Development 3
BIO 186 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
Semester One Total: 16
Semester Two – Spring Credits
ADN 152 Adult Health Nursing I 9
BIO 224 Microbiology 4
Semester Two Total: 13
Semester Three – Fall Credits
ADN 252 Adult Health Nursing II 5
ADN 254 Childbearing Family and Children 5
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Semester Three Total: 13
Semester Four – Spring Credits
ADN 256 Adult Health Nursing III 3
ADN 257 Behavioral Health Nursing 3
ADN 258 Transition into Nursing Practice 2
SPE 108 Oral Communication 3
GROUP II Humanities 3
Semester Four Total: 14
Total Program: 69

*Students must order their background checks and drug screens through Certified Background. The results are posted to their website in a secure, tamper-proof environment where the student as well as the dean can view the results. To order a background check and drug screen:

  1. Go to
  2. In the “place order” box, enter the package code “so44” and click go.
  3. Follow instructions and fill out the information needed.
  4. You must print the order confirmation page and bring it to the Nursing Office (Room 4120) to pick up a drug screen form. At that time, the student will receive information about which laboratory to go to for drug screening.

For more information about the Department of Nursing at South Suburban College, contact the Nursing Office at (708) 596-2000 ext. 2260.