ACT Career Solutions Provider (WorkKeys® System)


ACT WorkKeys® Solutions

The Business & Career Institute (BCI) is a licensed ACT Career Solutions Provider that administers the ACT WorkKeys® System of profiling, assessments and value-added services that are available for corporate personnel, educators, organizations and individuals.

Both perspective and incumbent employees need to demonstrate competence in “real world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success. ACT WorkKeys® incorporates these skills using a systematic approach that is designed to help business and industry link the components of job task analysis, assessment, and instruction within their workplace. The ACT WorkKeys® program components bridge the gap between an individual’s skill levels and the documented skill levels needed to succeed in specific jobs in the workplace. The system supports hiring, promotion, and training decisions and meets requirements adopted by the EEOC. WorkKeys® is a proven success tool for students, employees and employers.
The ACT WorkKeys® System follows a three-step process:

  1. JOB PROFILING – an authorized Job Profiler performs a job observation with incumbent workers to describe the tasks involved in their job and to determine the level of competency in needed skill areas to effectively perform their job. Skill areas include: Applied Technology, Graphic Literacy, Business Writing, Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Workplace Observation.

    An ACT licensed WorkKeys® job profiler is on staff at BCI and has been successfully profiling in the U.S. for over 24 years. An organization interested in a job profile should contact our staff Job Profiler, Dianne Needles, 708-596-2000 ext. 3259.

  2. ASSESSMENTS – measure an individual’s scores from the assessments against a profiled skill level benchmark required for effective job performance. Some applications are:
    • New hire or incumbent employees applying for positions in companies and organizations worldwide can use ACT WorkKeys® as part of a process to assess skill levels for comparison to the job requirements. Paraprofessional (Teacher Assistants) are required to pass skill assessments for state boards licensing to work in educational institutions.
    • National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) measures a person’s probable competence in 3 specific workplace skills and can complement a resume and other traditional credentials.

    To register for group assessment sessions, contact Lois Fuentes at Business & Career Institute, BCI at (708) 225-6055.

  3. INSTRUCTION – Training specific to the job requirements can be developed.