Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification Training

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The Wellness Registry provides education, awareness and accountability through a continuous improvement process, ultimately awarding the Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification. The Wellness Registry was founded in 2010 by Dr. Francis Ardito, NWI-CWP, ACSM-RCEP. Dr. Ardito combined his extensive education with over 20 years in health and wellness to create a resource that could be used by all to improve one’s well-being. The CWA Certification accomplishes this goal with The Wellness Registry’s “Realize Your True Well-Being” model.

What is Wellness?

Wellness helps you see and assess the bigger picture of your life. It’s a state of being and a mindset. It’s a choice to change. It’s a choice to embark on a journey toward creating a better version of yourself.

How does one achieve Wellness?

Everyone’s path toward wellness looks a little different and is highly individual. One size does not fit all. Therefore, individual solutions need to offer something unique for each person. Research shows achieving wellness is optimized when a solution provides education, motivation and long-term accountability. The Wellness Registry’s
Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification can provide this for you.

Consumer Wellness Advocate (CWA) Certification

This 4-hour online workshop teaches the 10-Dimensional Well-being Model and how it im-pacts you. Learn how to achieve your optimum wellness. You will also join a select group as part of The Wellness Registry. Here you can access the online CWA Network and obtain powerful information, motivation, and support.

How to Begin

Contact  Alexandra Glumac, MS, NCC, LCPC, RDDP, CWA; Consumer Wellness Advocate & Client Solutions Specialist at 708-596-2000 x3254.