Online Credit Courses

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Online courses utilize the internet, rather than a traditional classroom, to present course materials. Faculty are available during office hours to consult with students. Scheduled class chat sessions may be required.

These courses are recommended for highly motivated students, who work well on their own, and are not for everyone.

In addition to the support your instructor will provide, students have access to free tutoring opportunities through our Academic Assistance Center. Additionally, online Library resources are available to assist with research, etc.

Tuition and fees for these courses is the same whether you live in-district, out-of-district, or out-of-state. Online courses are charged at in-district tuition and fee rates, plus a $10 Special Course Fee to offset cost of the service.

Most online courses do require a textbook, although you should be prepared to download materials in most classes. Information on textbooks is available by visiting the College Bookstore.

Our courses are designed to bring the best features of a traditional classroom to your desktop. You have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and students from all over the world. The courses are designed to promote interaction and discussion. Due dates are assigned to projects, syllabus provide structure, and the class term matches that of our traditional academic calendar.