Workplace Skills Enhancement

In order to remain competitive, businesses are realizing a need to upgrade employee basic skills in the workplace. New technologies, an emphasis on customer service, demands for higher quality goods, a global marketplace, and a changing workforce have underscored the necessity for businesses to improve their employees’ basic skill levels. Businesses want employees to be prepared to respond to the changes in today’s work environment. Yet, many employees don’t have the basics needed to improve or learn new technical skills.

The challenge of basic skill deficiency is growing as a result of changing demographic, economic and technical forces. The term “workplace literacy” refers to the reading, writing, workplace math, and oral communication skills needed to competently perform required job tasks. English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) is included in the area of language skills. A worker’s ability to understand and follow directions as well as work as part of a team are also essential for success in today’s workforce.

South Suburban College’s Business & Career Institute is an educational partner that can help businesses develop a workplace basic skills training program. Funding sources may be available to help cover costs of implementing workplace basic skills or English-as-a-Second-Language programs. The Business & Career Institute at South Suburban College has experience in helping companies obtain training grants.

“Now is the time to finalize your employee training plans and explore possible funding options.”