Jeffery J. Waddy, DrPH, MCHES

Areas of Responsibility:

Health Professions, English, Communications and Humanities

Dean’s Message

It is an honor for me to serve as Dean of Health Professions and Sciences (HPS). This is a department where we educate many of society’s dedicated health related employees, such as Pharmacy Technicians, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Radiologic Technicians, Massage Therapist, Forensic Science Technicians and Emergency Medical Services. In addition, to the career programs, South Suburban College trains a host of bright students in English, communications and humanities who matriculate info four year, master’s and doctorate degree programs. Our programs are diverse and aligned with national standards. The HPS Department has a commitment to excellence and operates within the framework of Continuous Quality Improvement. Each day it is my privilege to serve alongside highly skilled and dedicated faculty and staff, each of whom is dedicated to Serve our Students and Community through lifelong learning.

HPS is committed to student success. We intend to provide each student in every single program and course:

  • Clearly defined program outcomes, developed with real-world industry input and aligned with national standards
  • Complete and measurable student learning outcomes in each course
  • Assessment of both course and program outcomes that will result in continuous improvement of both
  • Collaborative, cooperative learning environments to maximize Student/student and faculty/student interaction
  • Up-to-date technology infusion to enable easy access for students and learning that continues beyond class time
  • Respect for each person
  • Commitment to diversity
  • High expectations for learning
  • Prompt, regular feedback to enhance learning
  • In cooperation with our community partners, we are committed to offering the best hands-on educational experiences, using clinicals, practicums and skills labs to educate students with “real-time” teaching and learning methods. We exist to educate students; and the community has charged us with the responsibility to assist those students in becoming “workplace ready!”

As Dean, I stand ready to support students, faculty and staff in whatever way is needed to realize the above goals. Please feel free to stop by the Office, to e-mail me, or to call for an appointment.

Title Dean
Phone (708) 596-2000 ext. 5768
Email jwaddy
Personnel Type Admin
Department Allied Health Career Programs

Main Campus

15800 South State Street
Room # 4453
South Holland, Illinois 60473-1200


B.S. - Biology - Albany State University

MS. Ed. - Health Education-Community, Health - Southern Illinois University- Carbondale

CHES - Certificate of Gerontology, Certified Health Education Specialist