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What is I-Share?

I-Share is a universal borrowing system for the state of Illinois. It is a free service offered to South Suburban College students, faculty and staff through our online catalog system. SSC users can obtain print materials from other I-Share libraries by placing a request via our online catalog or by visiting an I-Share library. The lending library determines the length of the check-out period and what items are allowed for loan. Materials held in any library’s reference collection or other special collections are usually not loaned. I-Share provides the opportunity to borrow an item.

When should I use I-Share?

Use I-Share when South Suburban College Library does not own, or has already loaned, a book or a media item you require.

How do I request an item using I-Share?

I-Share items can be requested through the Library’s online catalog. Most items will arrive in 2-4 business days.

What if I lose an I-Share item?

I-Share privileges will be suspended until the item is replaced or lost item fees are paid to the lending library. Lost I-Share items will also suspend South Suburban College borrowing privileges.