Student Assistance Program (SAP)

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To access counseling services

Contact Perspectives at 800-456-6327 or

USERNAME: SSC500   PASSWORD: perspectives

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

*9-8-8 OR (800) 273-8255

Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor for free 24/7 support at your fingertips or Message us on FacebookBlue Facebook logo

The Student Assistance Program at South Suburban College provides a voluntary, confidential resource to assist you with issues affecting your studies, work and personal life. It can assist you in understanding and dealing with stress related issues, family concerns, abusive relationships, self-esteem, single parenthood, anxiety and depression. In addition, the Program offers counseling and/or referral for substance abuse, pregnancy, AIDS and eating disorders.

Here’s how our Student Assistance Program (SAP) works:

  1. CONTACT THE PROGRAM: To access counseling services contact Perspectives at 800-456-6327.
  2. ASSESSMENT: A counselor will assist in defining the problem and clarifying the situation.
  3. OPTIONS: The counselor will explore altern responses to the problem and help develop a plan.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN: The student is responsible for carrying out the plan. The program will provide support in the referral process.
  5. FOLLOW UP: The Student Assistance Program may offer information on additional resources, if necessary.

All communication with the program is confidential.

Do You Have Questions?

Ask yourself whether your efforts to cope with the problem have been effective. If not, call the Program and a counselor can help you decide what kind of professional intervention might be best for you.

Any assessments, counseling, referrals or other services provided by the Program are free of charge. You are responsible for the cost of any additional services after the Student Assistance Program intervention and recommended counseling services as provided by the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Information/Student Assistance Program provider. Such services may be covered by your medical insurance.

Reports of your participation are not made to South Suburban College. However, if personal problems are affecting your studies or job performance, participation in the Program may help you. South Suburban College does not look differently at students who participate in the Student Assistance Program. Instead, the College views program participation as a positive step toward enhancing the overall quality of one’s life.

The problem of substance abuse is widespread in the community; therefore no school is immune. The Student Assistance Program is prepared to help any student who might have a problem. The solution, though, rests with the individual seeking help. Think about the quality of your life without the problem.