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My SSC provides enhanced self-service capabilities for registration, course planning, student financial information, and email. All students attempting to access MySSC need to have completed the application process. Any student without a user name and password, needs to visit the Office of Admissions (main campus), with a valid, government issued, photo ID to retrieve your information. If you do not live in-district, but are using a charge-back agreement, cooperative agreement, work-in-district waiver, etc., you still need to register online, but then must come to the registration counter, on campus, to have your tuition rate adjusted (be sure to bring proper documentation). 

Login to My SSC



NOTE: If you are having trouble logging into MySSC, please make sure you are not using the “Caps Lock” key to create upper case letters in your password. If you are having trouble accessing the “My Moodle Courses” section of the “MySSC” portal, please go directly to and enter your College user name and password. View the tutorial for a quick overview covering logging in, accessing your college email, and using some of the “Self Service” functions of WebAdvisor.

My SSC Portal Tutorial (Video) | My SSC Portal Tutorial (PDF)

Don’t Know Your Password?

Did you know your secure user name and password are unique?  You can receive your password by visiting the Office of Admissions (Rm 2348) on the main campus with a valid photo ID.  If you have a secondary email address on file with the college you can just call the Office of Admissions (708-210-5718) with your username or student ID number to have your password sent to this secondary address.  You can also use the online resend password form.  An email will then be sent to the secondary email address on file.

Technical Requirements for My SSC:

The Ellucian Portal supports multiple browsers on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Some Portal features work better in certain browser versions. The best desktop experience is attained with:

  • Internet Explorer 9 *
  • Internet Explorer 10 *
  • Firefox 24.0 or later *
  • Chrome 30.0 or later *

**NOTE**  Some issues have been reported with Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 11. The best mobile experience is attained with Chrome for Android * and Safari for iOS Devices. When using a public computer to access any portion of My SSC, it is important that you log off from the computer when you are finished to protect the confidentiality of your information. You can do so through VISTA/7 by clicking “START” in the lower right hand corner of the screen and choosing “LOG OFF”. In Windows 8/8.1 this can be achieved by dragging the mouse to the top right corner and clicking the start button, clicking on the name of the person signed in (top right corner,) then choosing “SIGN OUT.”

How Do I Decode the Schedule?

M – Monday

T – Tuesday

W – Wednesday

TH – Thursday

F – Friday

S – Saturday

B – Sunday

BA-TBA = Balmoral Park, Crete, To Be Announced

EQ-TBA = Equipment Services Building, 351 W. 162nd, South Holland, To Be Announced

FC-FTLB = Physical Fitness and Athletic Center, Fitness Lab

FC-0125 = Physical Fitness and Athletic Center, North Gym

HO-CRST = Christ Hospital Site, Oak Lawn

HO-INGL = Ingalls Hospital, Harvey

HO-STFR = St. Francis Hospital, Blue Island

HO-STJM = St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights

HO-TBA = Hospital Site, To Be Announced

HO-TNPK = Tinley Park Mental Health Center

MA = Main Campus, 15800 S. State Street, South Holland

MA-LH = Main Campus Lecture Hall A, B, C

MA-PAC = Main Campus Performing Arts Center

MA-TCLB = Main Campus, Telecourse Lab, 1st Floor Library, Rear

OF-TBA = Off Campus, To Be Announced

OFC = Oak Forest Center, 16333 S. Kilbourn, Oak Forest

ON-SITE = Location To Be Announced

ON-TBA = Main Campus, To Be Announced

PS = Prairie State College, Chicago Heights

SH-Pool = South Holland Recreational Center Pool

TW-Pool = Thornwood High School Pool

Example: ENG 101 301 = English 101 Online

001-099 / Traditional start, face-to-face, Full-term courses

101-159 / Web Required, traditional start, Full-term.

160-199 / Web Required, non-traditional start or length*

201-259 / Hybrid, traditional start, Full-term.

260-299 / Hybrid, non-traditional start or length*

301-359 / Online, traditional start, Full-term**

360-399 / Online, non-traditional start or length***

401-429 / Honors, traditional start, face-to-face, Full-term.

430-459 / Honors, online, traditional start, Full-term**

460-479 / Honors, non-traditional start or length, face-to-face*

480-499 / Honors, online, non-traditional start or length***

501-519 / Oak Forest, traditional start, face-to-face, Full-term.

520-529 / Oak Forest, ALL Web Required classes regardless of length

530-539 / Oak Forest, ALL Hybrid classes regardless of length

540-559 / Oak Forest, Starts during week 1 but does not run Full Term

560-579 / Oak Forest, Starts between week 2 and 8

580-599 / Oak Forest, Starts after midterm

601-699 / Non-Traditional Start or Length, face-to-face classes*

601-629 / Starts during week 1 but does not run for 16 weeks – use for 1st 8-wk. classes*

630-659 / Starts between week 2 and week 8 – use for all late-start (15 wk) classes*

660-699 / Starts after midterm (during or after week 9) – use for 2nd 8-wk. classes *

701-799 / Non-credit

801-899 / Community Education

901-999 / Dual Credit

* These sections are non-traditional start or length – be careful to check start and end dates.

** These sections are Online.

Tips to Help You Successfully Register Online:

Register for any developmental courses (Reading 080, 081 and 082, English 097, 098, 099 and Math 091, 093, 095, 096, 100) and OCS 121 (if required) first. Make arrangements for payment by the given deadline*, or your classes will be purged (automatically canceled by the computer system) for lack of payment. When this happens, students will need to create a new schedule and choose their classes all over again, and risk not being able to have the class schedule they had originally chosen. * available through your “MY SSC” (Portal) to allow 24 hour access during college closed period

Who Can Not Register Using My SSC?

  • College Athletes
  • High School Students – must register via In-Person registration on campus
  • International Students
  • Students registering for more than 18 credit hours
  • Students repeating a course – any course for any reason
  • Students registering for Honors courses
  • Students with unmet prerequisites
  • Students using concurrent enrollment to meet prerequisite
  • Students with restrictions. Restrictions include items like: owing money, missing transcripts, returned mail, residency, academic probation, or the need for placement testing or group advising.

Attendance in any class and receipt of a grade is subject to official enrollment in and payment of the full tuition for the class.

If you are currently taking a prerequisite course and plan to register for the next course in a sequence, you will be expected to pass the prerequisite to continue your enrollment in the next course.

Still having trouble?

Call (708) 210-5718  |  Submit a Ticket to Our Academic Computing Helpdesk