2019 Men’s Soccer Schedule

Current Record: 27-12

Date Opponent Result Status Links
Sep 17-FINAL
Sep 25-FINAL
Sep 30-FINAL
Oct 04-FINAL
Oct 05-FINAL
Oct 07-FINAL
Oct 09-FINAL
Oct 14-FINAL
Oct 18-FINAL
Oct 22-FINAL
Aug 18-FINAL
Aug 22-FINAL
Aug 23-FINAL
Aug 29-FINAL
Sep 04-FINAL
Sep 09-FINAL
Sep 12-FINAL
Sep 16-FINAL
Sep 19-FINAL
Sep 22-FINAL
Sep 26-FINAL
Oct 03-FINAL
Oct 04-FINAL
Oct 08-FINAL
Oct 13-FINAL
Oct 20-FINAL
Oct 31-FINAL
Aug 20-FINAL
Aug 23-FINAL
Aug 26-FINAL
Aug 28-FINAL
Sep 01-FINAL
Sep 06-FINAL
Sep 10-FINAL
Sep 15-FINAL
Sep 21-FINAL
Sep 24-FINAL
Sep 26-FINAL
Sep 28-FINAL
Oct 01-FINAL
Oct 02-FINAL
Oct 06-FINAL
Oct 11-FINAL
Oct 13-FINAL
Oct 18-FINAL
Oct 19-FINAL
Oct 26-FINAL
Oct 29-FINAL
Aug 22-FINAL
Aug 26-FINAL
Aug 27-FINAL
Aug 31-FINAL
Sep 06-FINAL
Sep 09-FINAL
Sep 12-FINAL
Sep 16-FINAL
Sep 20-FINAL
Sep 23-FINAL
Sep 26-FINAL
Sep 28-FINAL
Sep 30-FINAL
Oct 01-FINAL
Oct 05-FINAL
Oct 10-FINAL
Oct 14-FINAL
Oct 17-FINAL
Oct 21-FINAL
Oct 24-FINAL
Oct 28-FINAL
Aug 22@Prairie State CollegeWin 2-0FINALBox Score
Aug 25@Heartland Community CollegeLoss 1-5FINALBox Score
Aug 26@Illinois Central CollegeLoss 0-2FINALBox Score
Aug 29Kankakee Community CollegeWin 7-2FINALBox Score
Sep 04College of DuPageWin 4-0FINALBox Score
Sep 06Richard J. Daley CollegeCancelled4:00pm
Sep 08@College of Lake CountyRescheduled1:30pm
Sep 12@Carl Sandburg CollegeWin 4-1FINALBox Score
Sep 15Moraine Valley Community CollegeLoss 0-1FINALBox Score
Sep 19Kishwaukee CollegeWin 6-0FINALBox Score
Sep 22@Oakton Community CollegeLoss 1-2FINALBox Score
Sep 27@McHenry County CollegeWin 8-0FINALBox Score
Sep 29@Waubonsee Community CollegeWin 3-1FINALBox Score
Oct 02Malcolm X CollegeWin 3-2FINALBox Score
Oct 04@College of Lake CountyWin 2-0FINALBox Score
Oct 06Kennedy-King CollegeWin 6-2FINALBox Score
Oct 10@Harry S. Truman CollegeCancelled4:00pm
Oct 13@Bryant and Stratton College - MilwaukeeWin 4-0FINALBox Score
Oct 15@Harry S. Truman CollegeWin 7-2FINALBox Score
Oct 16@Morton CollegeLoss 1-2FINALBox Score
Oct 20Malcolm X CollegeWin 7-1FINALBox Score
Oct 23@Morton CollegeLoss 1-2FINALBox Score
Aug 23@Parkland CollegeLoss 0-5FINALBox Score
Aug 25@Heartland Community CollegeLoss 0-4FINALBox Score
Aug 28@Kankakee Community CollegeWin 4-3FINALBox Score
Sep 05@College of DuPageWin 2-1FINALBox Score
Sep 07College of Lake CountyWin 3-1FINALBox Score
Sep 11Carl Sandburg CollegeWin 2-1FINALBox Score
Sep 14@Moraine Valley Community CollegeWin 7-0FINALBox Score
Sep 18@Kishwaukee CollegeWin 3-1FINALBox Score
Sep 21Oakton Community CollegeWin 4-0FINALBox Score
Sep 23Malcolm X CollegeWin 6-0FINALBox Score
Sep 28Waubonsee Community CollegeRescheduled2:30pm
Oct 01Harry S. Truman CollegeWin 2-1FINALBox Score
Oct 05Morton CollegeLoss 0-3FINALBox Score
Oct 09@Richard J. Daley CollegeWin 11-0FINALBox Score
Oct 12Bryant and Stratton College - MilwaukeeWin 11-0FINALBox Score
Oct 15Waubonsee Community CollegeLoss 0-6FINALBox Score
Oct 17McHenry County CollegeWin 5-2FINALBox Score
Oct 19Prairie State CollegeLoss 1-2FINALBox Score
Oct 22@Kennedy-King CollegeWin 1-0FINAL
Oct 26Waubonsee Community CollegeWin 2-1FINALBox Score
Oct 29NJCAA Region IV Men's Soccer TournamentLoss 0-5FINALBox Score
Nov 02NJCAA Region IV Men's Soccer Tournament12:00pm