Guarantee Career Programs

Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Career Certificates

South Suburban College shall guarantee the technical skill competence needed for entry into the occupational employment position for each student who completes the appropriate Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree or Certificate Program which is at least 30 hours in length. The graduate from the AAS Degree or Certificate Program who is judged by his/her employer to be lacking in the technical skills necessary for entry to the position shall be provided up to twenty-five (25) percent tuition-free credit hours of additional skill retraining in the degree or certificate program completed by the graduate.

South Suburban College, as an expression of pride, confidence and accountability in education and work force preparation, shall guarantee the skills of all occupational AAS and Certificate program graduates subject to the following conditions:

  1. All developmental and prerequisite course work must have been successfully completed prior to admission to the program.
  2. The student must have graduated within four years after admission to the degree program; within two years after initial enrollment into a certificate program.
  3. The student must be employed full-time in a job directly related to his/her program of study within nine (9) months after graduation from the AAS Degree or Certificate Program. The College is not responsible for program graduates not meeting the minimal age requirement for employment.
  4. The student who has completed the AAS Degree or Certificate within the specified time limit and is not able to demonstrate to an employer the basic technical skills to obtain entry-level employment for a job directly related to the student’s program of study, will be offered retraining in those specific technical areas.
  5. The student jointly with the employer must verify in writing within 90 days of the graduate’s initial employment or rejection that the graduate lacks competencies in specific technical areas represented by the degree/certificate information printed in the College catalog.
  6. Retraining in those specific technical areas will be limited to College-credit courses regularly offered by the College.
  7. A written education retraining plan will be developed by the graduate, program faculty and the appropriate instructional administrator based on the employer’s verification document specifying competencies to be mastered.
  8. Prerequisites, co-requisites and other admission requirements for retraining courses must be met and are not included in the courses covered by this guarantee policy.
  9. A maximum of 25 percent of required course work will be provided free of tuition and student fees under the terms of this guarantee. Laboratory fees and other course costs identified in the retraining plan are not included. The graduate will be responsible for any other costs that might be associated with taking the course(s).
  10. Should the graduate audit, withdraw or not receive a passing grade in a course identified in the education retraining plan, it will be included in the 25 percent credit-hour program limit.
  11. All retraining must be completed within three semesters after the claim is filed in the Office of the Vice President of Academic Services.
  12. Students who have passed state or other agency licensure exams upon graduation are not eligible for the retraining described in items 1-12.

This educational retraining guarantee applies to software release and vendor-specific equipment used in courses at the time the student was enrolled in the course. The College is not responsible for guaranteeing student competency in subsequent releases of software or revised or new equipment. Likewise, the College is not responsible for guaranteeing student knowledge or skills that will be valid in the future.

Always seek the advice of an academic advisor or admissions counselor when making transfer plans. Appointments are available by calling (708) 596-2000 ext. 5724.