Academic Assistance Center

IMPORTANT: All tutoring services will be conducted remotely

Are You Looking for a Way to Get Better Grades?

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) sessions normally occur in classrooms near the course classroom instead of a learning center. SLA sessions are open to all students in the course. If you attend SLA sessions regularly, chances are you’ll earn a better grade. You’ll have developed a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways of studying. This will help you in other classes as well.

Placement Review Sessions for Incoming Students

SSC requires students who intend to pursue a degree or certificate to take a college placement test (computerized, un-timed test) in reading, english, and mathematics. This is not an entrance exam. It is a placement exam to ensure that all new students are placed into courses which are appropriate to their skill level.

The Placement Review Sessions are provided to help students prepare for placement/compass test. All sessions will be held in Room 2264 (Academic Assistance Center) located on the second floor of the Main Campus or in Room 5183 located on the first floor of the Oak Forest Center, 16333 S. Kilbourn Ave., Oak Forest, IL.

SSC Students

  • If you are a SSC student, you are automatically eligible for these FREE services for the classes in which you are enrolled. The Academic Assistance Center provides you with individual and/or group tutoring.
  • If you are uncomfortable with asking for tutoring, you may prefer our “self help” tools: Math, Accounting and Medical Terminology video tapes or printed academic aids on many topics of interest to you.
  • Whether you are trying to avoid failure or trying to achieve honors status, the Academic Assistance Center is the place to be!

Student Responsibilities

You Must Attend Class!

  • You are required to study, complete homework, and identify the problem areas which need clarification before attending the tutoring sessions.
  • Bring your books and class notes to your tutoring session.
  • Do not expect the tutor to do your work.

Additional Tutoring Options

  • Academic Skill Sessions – Virtual online help sessions conducted by our AAC Student Specialist and SSC Faculty designed to help you succeed in the college environment
  • Brainfuse – Getting Started Guide
  • SSC Math 1:40 Club – Virtual online math help sessions conducted by our SSC Math Faculty
  • SSC Math Lab – Virtual online math help sessions conducted by our SSC Math Faculty
  • SSC Reading Help Sessions – Virtual online math help sessions conducted by our SSC Reading Faculty
  • SSC Speaking Center – Aids students, employees and the college community with public speaking related assistance. Sponsored by the SSC Department of Communication and Humanities.
  • SSC Writing Center – Open for online tutoring appointments with our SSC English Faculty

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