Career Development & Jobs Center

The Career Development & Jobs Center is located within the Counseling Center (Room 2250). Services are intended to assist students, alumni, community members, business and industry.

Employers Connect with Job Seekers

Connect with potential employees by posting your employment listing with us. Students, alumni and community members will register with our on-line services. We can help you…

  • post jobs for FREE to South Suburban College only
  • post jobs for FREE to all consortium members
  • schedule on-campus recruitment dates
  • attend our annual spring job fair

Job Seekers Connect with Employers

While you’re earning money to pay for college and when you’re close to graduation, you need to link up with area employers who want your skills and motivation. We can help you…

  • To scan our online web page for a list of employment opportunities, you must first register with The information that you provide will not be shared with anyone except the Career Development & Jobs Center at South Suburban College.
  • cruise the INTERNET or IDES for job postings
  • meet with employer’s on-campus or at the spring job fair
  • attend on-campus recruitment days

Career Exploration

Making a good career choice means you need to really know yourself–your interests, skills, values, and personality –and then you can find work that fits the real you. We can help you sort this out when you…

  • take an ASSESSMENT SURVEY (or 2 or 3!) and explore your options
  • meet with a Counselor or Career Advisor to reduce confusion, discuss your hopes and dreams, target a destination and set goals.

Prepare an Effective Job Search Campaign

Be prepared to make a great “first impression” with employers. We can help you…

  • use WIN-WAY RESUME software to compose a dynamic resume and cover letter
  • get INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS, ideas and editing help from our professional staff
  • polish up your INTERVIEWING SKILLS; know what to say and how to say it
  • learn successful JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES at our one-hour workshop
  • fax your RESUME (for free) to prospective employers

Federal Work-Study Program

IMPORTANT NOTE TO APPLICANT: South Suburban College values diversity in its workforce. The college places particular emphasis on those applicants who can demonstrate an interest in, knowledge of, and commitment to the educational and professional development of the College’s diverse work and academic environment. Applicants who require assistance with the recruitment process will be accommodated to the extent reasonably possible.

For hearing-impaired assistance, please call (708) 210-5732.

The Federal Work-Study Program at South Suburban College is overseen by the College & Career Success Center & the Financial Aid Office.

South Suburban College may request copies of student worker candidate class schedules and financial aid award letters. All applications and supporting documents will remain on file with the College for at least six (6) months following submission. All materials submitted by successful applicants will be maintained by South Suburban College as part of the personnel file.

All individuals applying for a security sensitive position at South Suburban College are required to complete a fingerprint based criminal background investigation prior to the onset of employment with the College. The refusal to complete a fingerprint based criminal background investigation will prevent an applicant from continuing with the interview process. In the event the criminal background investigation results in a questionable finding; the matter shall be handled according to South Suburban College Board Policy 413.02.


  • Must have a current-year FAFSA completed.
  • Not all students will be eligible for Federal Work study Program as it is based on financial need.
  • HOURS: Students may work up to 20 hours per week.

See the list of Employment Opportunities through the Federal Work-Study Program at South Suburban College.