SouthWorks Maker Lab at South Suburban College

South Suburban College, along with the South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium, is proud to sponsor the SouthWorks MakerLab at South Suburban College.

MakerLabs provide local manufacturers with access to new tools that they may not have and talent that can help them solve problems they may not be able to surmount on their own. Tinkerers, innovators and artisans develop viable businesses around the products they are able to prototype and test in the MakerLab.  Guests are welcome to bring their own supplies along.  Regular daily use and membership fees apply.

Collage of Marker Lab at OFCSome describe a MakerLab as the modern-day shop class, but it’s more than that. It is a space filled with modern and traditional tools that allow users to make just about anything. Tools are easily accessible even to middle schoolers, yet powerful enough to build industrial prototypes. In addition to the tools, MakerLabs support the collaborative ethos of the burgeoning Maker Movement. Our MakerLab currently houses two DaVinci XYZ 3D printers, a Stratasys Uprint SE Plus 3D printer, a Roland vinyl cutter, an electronics station and a Universal Laser Engraver. In addition we have a dedicated Electronics lab, CAD lab and Manufacturing lab on campus.

The SouthWorks Maker Lab @ SSC is located at the Oak Forest Center of South Suburban College, Rm 5130. The facility offers access to 3D printing, laser engraving/cutting, vinyl cutting, CNC machining as well as project design assistance.

SouthWorks MakerLab - Bulldog Bites

Students master STEM subjects through hands-on learning and building. Many “find” themselves as “makers,” continuing on to engineering and manufacturing careers. Others invent. All develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and persistence that hands-on, learning-by-doing provides and leads to success in the real world.

Fees and Membership Information

(Materials not included)

Monthly* FREE
Annually* FREE
Monthly* $25
Annually* $250
Monthly* $25
Annually* $250
Monthly* $35
Annually* $350
FAMILY (up to 4 household members) Monthly* $50
Annually* $500
CORPORATE Call for information; 708-596-2000 x5706
*Maker Lab guests will be required to complete a training session before utilizing equipment on an individual basis.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Material Costs


Afinia-General Filament: $0.15 @ gram
Afinia-Specialty Filament: $0.25@ gram
Afinia-Support boards: $2.00 each
DaVinci Filament: $0.15@ gram
Uprint: By arrangement


(Print bed measures 12” x 24”)

The Universal Laser System has the ability to engrave, etch and cut a wide variety of materials; acrylic, wood, paper, fabric, glass and metal. Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring in their own materials. The system is also equipped with a rotary tool to allow work with round objects such as glasses.

Acrylic (¼” clear or colored): $0.10 per sq. inch
Acrylic (¼” clear): $12.00 @ sheet (12”x24”)
Acrylic (¼” colored): $13.50@ sheet (12”x24”)
Large Variety of Acrylic: available from
Pine Craft Wood: $2-$10 @ unit, depends on size. Variety of wood available at Michaels, Menards, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby
Cutting: 1 inch thickness maximum
Engraving/Etching: no thickness restrictions

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.