Student Complaint Procedure

South Suburban College provides access to appropriate College faculty, staff, and administrators to resolve questions and concerns about SSC policies, procedures, and other actions or inactions by the College.

Informal Resolution

Except in matters involving concerns of sexual harassment, students are encouraged to resolve any complaints and/or concerns by first having a discussion with the faculty, staff, or administrator.

General guidelines are given below:

Complaint Against or About Contact
Staff (includes Administrator) Staff or Area Supervisor
Faculty Appropriate Dean over Area
Grade Faculty or appropriate Dean
Security/Safety Campus Police
Discrimination or Sexual Harassment Affirmative Action Coordinator
Title IX Sexual Harassment Title IX Coordinator
Disabilities/Accommodations ADA Coordinator
Customer Service Area Supervisor
Academic Program or College Service Area Area Supervisor
Facilities Area Supervisor

If a student does not agree with the initial discussion and suggested resolution, the student may file a written (formal) complaint. A complaint is a concern that a policy or procedure of the College has been incorrectly or unfairly applied or a charge against a person’s behavior.

Please follow the applicable complaint procedure below:

Students may also file a complaint directly with the Illinois Community College Board or the Higher Learning Commission.

General Complaint Process

Anything not covered by the policies set forth above, shall be governed by the general complaint process. The forms set below shall be utilized and filed within 7 days of the alleged event. The designated South Suburban College administrator shall work with the individual to resolve the matter. In all cases, any complaint shall be appealable to the area Vice President, whose decision for the College shall be final. Students may also file a complaint directly with the Illinois Community College Board or the Higher Learning Commission.

Non-Academic Student Complaint

Students may file complaints against all South Suburban College employees, other than faculty, by completing and submitting the Non-Academic Complaint Form. The complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

General Student Complaint for Faculty

Students may file a general complaint against a faculty member, by completing and submitting the Student Complaint Form to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Services. From there, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

Online Learning Students

SSC is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  SARA is an agreement among member states, districts and territories that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of post-secondary distance education courses and programs.  As a result, if the above resources have been exhausted and there is still no resolution to your concern, you may follow up the Illinois Community College Board.  If you are a student living out of the State of Illinois you may also file your complaint with the state in which you reside (see Student Complaint Information by State).