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SSC has Various Ways for You to Learn!

We are continuing our efforts to provide flexibility to college degree seekers with a wide range of course delivery options to choose from:.

  1. IN-PERSON CLASSES: Traditional in-person/on-campus classes.
  2. ONLINE CLASSES:  Classes being offered 100% online using D2L Brightspace. Online classes are delivered entirely through the D2L Brightspace. Look for section numbers between 300-399. TBA indicates asynchronous instruction.
  3. VIRTUAL CLASSES: Virtual refers to synchronous online instruction through the D2L Brightspace Virtual Classroom. Days, and times will be listed in the schedule for required live sessions.
  4. SIMULCAST DELIVERY: Dual delivery class selection of limited in-person seating or virtual using D2L. Students must choose their preferred delivery mode section when registering. Virtual students are expected to be available at the scheduled class and lab times.
  5. BLENDED DELIVERY: Blended is a hybrid requiring students to meet in-person as well as complete additional requirements online through D2L Brightspace. Look for section numbers between 200-299. Days, times, and room numbers will be listed in the schedule for required in-person sessions.

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Printable Credit Schedules

Fall 2022 Credit Class Schedule **Posted 08/16/22**

Spring 2023 MAIN CAMPUS Class Schedule **Updated 11/29/2022**

Spring 2023 OAK FOREST CENTER Class Schedule **Updated 11/29/2022**

Printable Non-Credit Schedules

Fall 2022 Non-Credit Class Schedule **Posted 08/30/22**

Information in these schedules is subject to change without notice.


How Do I Decode the Schedule?

M – Monday

T – Tuesday

W – Wednesday

TH – Thursday

F – Friday

S – Saturday

B – Sunday

EQ-TBA = Equipment Services Building, 351 W. 162nd, South Holland, To Be Announced

FC-FTLB = Physical Fitness and Athletic Center, Fitness Lab

FC-0125 = Physical Fitness and Athletic Center, North Gym

HO-CRST = Christ Hospital Site, Oak Lawn

HO-INGL = Ingalls Hospital, Harvey

HO-STJM = St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights

HO-TBA = Hospital Site, To Be Announced

MA = Main Campus, 15800 S. State Street, South Holland

MA-LH = Main Campus Lecture Hall A, B, C

MA-PAC = Main Campus Performing Arts Center

OF-TBA = Off Campus, To Be Announced

OFC = Oak Forest Center, 16333 S. Kilbourn, Oak Forest

ON-SITE = Location To Be Announced

ON-TBA = Main Campus, To Be Announced

PS = Prairie State College, Chicago Heights

Example: ENG 101 301 = English 101 Online

001-099 / Traditional start, face-to-face, full-term

201-259 / Blended, traditional start, full-term

260-299 / Blended, non-traditional start or length*

301-359 / Online, traditional start, full-term**

360-399 / Online, non-traditional start or length**

401-429 / Honors, traditional start, face-to-face, full-term

430-459 / Honors, online, traditional start, full term**

460-479 / Honors, non-traditional start or length, face-to-face*

480-499 / Honors, online, non-traditional start or length**

501-519 / OFC, traditional start, face-to-face, full-term.

530-539 / OFC, ALL Blended classes regardless of length

540-559 / OFC, starts during week 1 but does not run full term*

560-579 / OFC, starts between week 2 and 8*

580-599 / OFC, starts after midterm, during or after week 9*

601-699 / Non-Traditional start or length, face-to-face classes*

601-629 / Starts during week 1 but does not run for 16 weeks*

630-659 / Starts between week 2 and week 8*

660-699 / Starts after midterm during or after week 9*

701-799 / Non-credit

801-899 / Community Education

901-999 / Dual Credit

* These sections are non-traditional start or length – be careful to check start and end dates.
** These sections are Online.


Important Registration Notices

Tuition and fees are charged to student accounts upon registration. Payment arrangements need to be made prior to the start of classes to avoid penalties associated with non-payment. The college is not responsible for dropping students for non-payment.


Attendance in any class and receipt of a grade is subject to official enrollment in and payment of the full tuition for the class.

If you are currently taking a prerequisite course and plan to register for the next course in a sequence, you will be expected to pass the prerequisite to continue your enrollment in the next course.

Please refer to our current SSC Catalog for co-requisites and pre-requisites of all courses. If further assistance is needed regarding course selection, please contact the Counseling Department at (708) 596-2000 x2306.

All students enrolled in courses at SSC should be prepared to access any online materials their instructor may require for the course. Traditional classroom based courses offered at SSC may include online homework, e-text, online assessment as well as additional materials and/or work available outside the classroom via the internet. The type of material and the extent of work will vary as determined by the instructor of each particular course. Internet access and computer labs are available to all students at the Main Campus and Oak Forest Center.