Service Learning

The Service Learning Program is an instructional method that combines service in the community with academic learning in the classroom wherein the objectives of the course are linked to service-learning. Students learn and develop through active participation in an organized service activity. By reflecting on their service activity, students increase their understanding of course content, appreciate the relevance of the course to everyday life, foster a sense of social and civic responsibility and increase self-worth through meaningful contribution to the community. This is an exciting new way to learn and apply textbook learning to real-world issues.

Students making mats for the homeless.

Students putting wreaths on graves.

Important Service Learning Forms:

Enjoy spring safely with SSC Service Learning!

Yes, spring is here but, we all must continue to be smart and safe during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Here is a way we can enjoy giving purpose to our time outdoors starting with Arbor Day (April 24). Two Service Learning events are convenient and safely available that will benefit your neighborhood environment conservation, SSC, and you as a Service Learning project participant:

Tree Appreciation- ADF recommends this idea for the Arbor Day celebration which could support the next certification application.

Tree Appreciation, Thursday, April 23 extended to end Thursday, April 30.

A Special Service Learning Activity Celebrating Arbor Day: Friday, April 24th

It’s no secret that trees help us feel better, both physically and emotionally. So let’s show them some appreciation this week (and beyond) and share our love of trees with our neighbors.

Thanks to a tip from a tree champion, we learned about a woman in London who is writing positive messages with sidewalk chalk in front of her local street trees.
Example: “Sycamore — a real survivor. Grows anywhere!” ||

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • TREE ID: you’ll need to know what tree you’re looking at. If it’s a parkway tree, your municipal staff can help. Reach out with an address, and they should be able to help identify it.
    • Tip: Can’t figure out the name of the species? Write down why you like this tree – and leave a note asking someone else to fill in the blank.
    • Fun Facts: once you know what kind of tree it is (we call this the species), find some fun facts.
      • Use The Morton Arboretum’s tree selector
      • Donald Culross Peattie’s A Natural History of North American Trees is full of fun and interesting facts and has most of our native trees. Ask your local library if it’s available as an ebook or email for ways to hunt down a copy.
      • Most of all: what do you like/love about your tree? What makes it important to you?
  • SIDEWALK ART (optional): available at Target, and can be bought online and shipped.


That’s it! Wait for a nice spring day, take a walk, and share a message and a picture or two about your favorite tree(s).

To receive Service Learning credits for the above Arbor Day activities,

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the event- “Virtual Walk in the Woods April 24”, or “Tree Appreciation for Arbor Day)
  3. Log your start- and end-time in the activity
  4. Submit the following results in the app:
    • A picture of your favorite tree(s)
    • Facts about the trees in your picture(s)
    • Statement telling why you like this type of tree

This spring Service Learning activity can all take place safely by wearing a protective face mask with gloves outdoors and keeping the 6-ft minimum social distance from others. Remember to handle and dispose of your personal equipment responsibly.

Enjoy the spring and stay safe!


This Spring, SSC has received certification from the Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of our commitment to educate and act to promote awareness of sustainability issues and provide green solutions. Kudos to SSC Green Club in leading that movement! Your participation in the Arbor Day activity supports SSC’s application to maintain certification in the coming year.

You can create your Mobile Serve account to receive Service Learning credits immediately? Go to and enter organization code 54C746 (Green Club organization)

If you can’t access the Service Learning app in MobileServe, email your full name and student ID # along with the event name you are interested in and results, if available, for your service-learning events, enter Service Learning Credits in the Subject line. You can also contact Ana Torres for more information.

Weekly opportunities are offered by SSC Community Partners such as Junior Achievement and Restoration Ministries. For more details, contact Service Learning Coordinator Millicent Collier, ext. 2664.