Student Grade Appeal Process

Processes for Student Concerns

  1. Grades for Individual Test, Paper, Project, Lab Assignment, Clinical Grade, etc. – If a student receives a grade on a test, class paper, project, etc. which the student believes is incorrect or requires further clarification, the student should consult with the class instructor for a review of the graded item(s). Only the class instructor can review or make any changes/corrections to graded items. There are no further steps in this process. Students should attempt to resolve any grading questions prior to the posted date for withdrawing from courses in that semester.
  2. Final Grade Appeal- When a student has a final course grade determination concern, the student should follow the final grade appeal process. The student must formally initiate the process by October 15 of the current year (for spring or summer grades) and March 15 of the subsequent year for fall grades. In the event the day falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the following Monday. If the deadline has lapsed, the grade becomes permanent on the student’s transcript. Steps for this process are:
    1. The student must discuss the grade concern with the course instructor in an attempt to initiate communication to resolve the issue.
    2. If the matter is not resolved in step 1, the student shall utilize the final grade appeal form and submit the information to the appropriate academic administrator. Any materials related to the computation of the grade must be presented to the academic administrator at step 2 of the grade appeal process. Materials, such as tests, quizzes, papers or assignments, related to the computation of the grade not presented at step 2 of the process may not be considered at step 3 of the grade appeal process. This written grade appeal must be filed with the appropriate academic administrator by October 15 of the current year (for spring or summer grades) and March 15 of the subsequent year for fall grades. In the event the day falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the following Monday. If the deadline has lapsed, the grade becomes permanent on the student’s transcript. If necessary, the academic administrator will discuss the grade concern with the student and instructor. The academic administrator will compile all information and forward the complete packet to the appropriate Vice President for step 3 of the process.

      Upon receipt of the completed packet from the academic administrator, the Vice President will schedule a meeting with the Academic Appeals Committee, student, and instructor to review how the grade was determined. The Vice President will communicate the decision of the Academic Appeals Committee in writing to the student. The decision of this committee is final and will be reflected on the student transcript. Every attempt will be made to try to have the process concluded within a reasonable time frame.

  3. Incomplete Grade- Late in a semester, a student may miss for good cause an important assignment, final examination, laboratory experiment, etc. The class instructor may determine with the student that an incomplete grade (I) shall be posted until the student completes the missing assignment(s) or test(s). Only the instructor for the class can determine whether or not an incomplete grade may be issued to a student. The incomplete assignment(s), exam(s), or experiment(s) can only be considered and graded by the instructor who issues the incomplete grade, so a student needs to work closely with the instructor for course completion. If the instructor determines it is appropriate to issue an incomplete, the instructor shall fill out an Incomplete Grade Form to document what work needs to be completed by the deadline date and shall provide a copy to the student. To complete the course, the student must follow the prescribed information for successful course completion. Incomplete work must be completed by the midterm of the semester following the term in which the course was taken. A final grade of “F” is recorded if the incomplete grade is not completed by this date.
  4. Late Withdrawal from Class- Provisions may be made under unusual circumstances for students who are unable to withdraw due to a documented illness, death in the family, change in work schedule, or complete medical withdrawal. Students need to bring supporting documentation and initiate the late withdrawal paperwork to the Vice President of Academic Services within one year from the posting of the grade on the transcript. The Vice President shall contact the instructor in regards to the request. If the instructor agrees with the late withdrawal request, it will be forwarded to the Late Withdrawal Committee for their review and recommendation. The student will be notified by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Services as to whether or not a late withdrawal was approved. All approved late withdrawals will have a grade change form signed by the course instructor.
  5. Instructional Concern- If a student is concerned about the instructional quality, teaching methods, course discussion, etc which s/he is experiencing in a class, then s/he should discuss the concern directly with the instructor at an appropriate time beyond instructional hours. It is not appropriate for a student to interrupt class instruction by voicing concerns to the teacher at that time. If a student does not resolve the instructional concern after conversing with the instructor, then the student should discuss the concern with the appropriate academic administrator over the area. The academic administrator will discuss the issue with the instructor.


Unofficial transcripts can be obtained by each student by accessing SSC Self Service. The Records Office does not provide unofficial transcripts. Certificate and degree information will not be included in an unofficial transcript. Only Official transcripts obtained from the Records Office will include the posting of certificates and degrees.

To request an official transcript, visit the Business Office during normal business hours. Requests must be made in writing and must contain the complete mailing address of the recipient of the transcript, the social security number, date of birth, name, signature and current address. A fee of $8.00 is charged for each transcript. All same day and overnight requests must be received before 2 p.m. in order to be processed that same day. See a full list of transcript fees.

Once a student has been enrolled in credit courses, their academic information becomes protected under the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974). Only the student may request the transcript.

The College reserves the right to withhold transcripts or enrollment status information for any person who has unpaid financial obligations. For additional information. contact the Records Department, (708) 225-5814. Please note that a “partial” transcript is not available. All transcripts are mailed out and are not available for immediate pick up. South Suburban College is not responsible for transcript delivery once paperwork leaves our building.

Students with foreign transcripts must have transcripts (high school and/or college) evaluated by Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) prior to the first semester of attendance at SSC and are responsible for the payment of any ECE evaluation fees.

More information about Transcripts