Dual Credit for High School Courses

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What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit at South Suburban College provides the opportunity for high school students to take college credit courses taught by college approved high school teachers.

You earn credit that goes toward your high school requirements and at the same time, you also earn college credit.

Dual credit courses are not pre-college or preparatory courses — they are college level courses.

Benefits of Dual Credit for Students:

  • Reduces overall college costs.
  • Dual Credit students will complete their degrees in less time.
  • Facilitates the transition between high school and college.
  • High school students are able to obtain college credit prior to graduation.
  • Students enjoy the convenience of taking SSC Dual Credit courses within their high school daytime schedule.

Am I Eligible for a Dual Credit Course with South Suburban College?

To be eligible, a student:

  1. Must have completed appropriate high school courses with an average grade of “B” or better.
  2. Must go through High School Counselor.

How Do I Get Enrolled In a Dual Credit Course with South Suburban College?

  • You will be notified via your high school teacher if in fact the high school course has been articulated as a SSC dual credit course.
  • You need to complete an SSC application/registration and provide your social security number.
  • Due dates are agreed upon by SSC and the high school.
  • If the student misses the registration deadline, unfortunately there is not a late registration. Retroactive credit is not permitted.
  • If you are undocumented, you are still eligible to participate in the dual credit program.

Students must meet the same academic criteria as those enrolled in traditional college courses, including placement testing and/or pre-requisites where applicable. (There is a $25 placement test fee that must be paid upfront before testing.)

South Suburban College’s Dual Credit Program complies with all state rules, regulations and guidelines.


Dual Credit Courses Offered for 2019-20 School Year

Course SSC Title Dist 205 Dist 205 OA Dist 215 Dist 218 Dist 228
BLD 101 Construction Materials & Methods X X
BUS 108 Introduction to Business X X
BUS 113 Introduction to Engine Tear-Down & Build-up X
BUS 114 Inspect And Check Engine & Vehicle X
BUS 115 Precision Measurement & Tools X
BUS 116 Preventative Maintenance X
BUS 117 Performance Test X
BUS 130 Starting Your Own Small Business X X
BUS 203 Principles of Marketing X
BUS 206 Direct Marketing Methods X
CAD 100 Introduction to CADD X
CAD 101 Basic Drawing and Design X
CAD 299 Topics in Computer Aided Design X
CHD 105 Introduction to Early Childhood Education X
COM 201 Television Production I X
FOS 101 Forensic Orientation X
HIS 204 Later American History X
HLT 101 Health and Wellness X X
MIS 101 Computer Literacy & Applications X X
MIS 135 Internet Fundamentals X
NTR 100 Nutrition X
OAT 100 Basic Keyboarding Skills X
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology X
SPN 101 Introduction to Spanish X

Updated: 12/10/2019