Hardship Debt Relief Request Process

South Suburban College has maintained a Refund Committee for the purpose of reviewing requests by current and former students to refund costs associated with attendance at the institution. These refunds include the elimination of debt currently posted to student accounts or the actual refund of costs associated with student accounts.

South Suburban College has adopted a formal process for individuals to petition for debt relief as a result of medical hardship. Additionally, SSC has developed a committee of five (5) representatives from the College who are charged with reviewing requests and, based on the information provided, make a determination regarding whether or not the request meets the requirements for approval.


Students requesting Hardship Debt Relief for balances owed the institution, or refunds for previously paid balances, should complete the request form through the link below.

SSC follows the following process to facilitate requests under Hardship Debt Relief.

Submission of Request

  1. Individuals seeking support through the Hardship Debt Relief process must submit a request using the online form below. Applications must include any documents the individual has to support his/her request. This can include emails, medical documents, and other materials that reflect hardship during the time the relief is being requested.
  2. Once the request is received it will be reviewed for accuracy and appropriate support documentation. If needed, the college will contact the requestor for clarification and/or additional information.
  3. Upon verification of the completed request, the college will log the request for tracking and forward materials electronically to the Hardship Debt Relief Review Committee for consideration.
  4. Hardship Debt Relief Review Committee members will review the request and provide a decision (yes, no, or need more information) within seven days of receiving the request.
  5. Final determinations are based on consensus of the majority of the Committee members and final decisions will be communicated by the Office to the individual requesting relief. This communication will be generated electronically to the email included on the rest form.
  6. If the request is approved, the Office will provide appropriate electronic communication to the Business & Accounting Office for processing and positing to the individual’s account.
  7. Documentation will be kept in an electronic file in the Business & Accounting Office.