Scholarship Application Process & Important Notes

The scholarship opportunities will be awarded based on a student’s academic achievements, individual goals, faculty recommendations and other criteria established by the donor. While awards will be made regardless of personal or family financial status, preference will be given to those presently not receiving any other form of financial aid. Students with financial aid must use their financial aid prior to scholarship award money. Preference will also be given to residents of College District 510, unless otherwise noted in the scholarship description.

These scholarships have been established through the generosity of businesses, associations, and individuals. The criteria for each scholarship varies; eligibility requirements in most cases have been established by donors.

Students with financial aid must use their financial aid prior to scholarship award money (with the exception of the BOT Scholarship). Unless otherwise noted, scholarship awards may be used to cover the cost of tuition, books, and up to $150 in academic supplies and must be used within the following academic year unless otherwise noted. In some cases, scholarship recipients must maintain eligibility requirements for each semester the scholarship is awarded.

General Student Scholarship applications and High School Student applications, including Board of Trustees Scholarship, will open January, 2021.


External Scholarship Opportunities

From time to time, South Suburban College receives information from external foundations, companies, and organizations in regard to scholarship opportunities. SSC and the Foundation have no direct affiliation nor are involved with the selection process for the scholarships linked below: