Application Process for Technology Resources for WEI students

WEI laptop/technology resources are accessible to eligible WEI Participants.

WEI laptop/technology resources are provided to WEI Participants who request and need technology resources to be successful in their academic programs of study to support remote learning. Resources will be distributed on a case-by-case basis. Please complete the Technology Resource – Laptop Application form below in its entirety, not doing so, may delay or deny your request.


  1. WEI participants enrolled into WEI courses for certificate completion


  1. Sign an allocation agreement.
  2. Required to participate and communicate with WEI team at least 3 times a semester
  3. Maintain a 2.0 or higher in the required WEI coursework

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Meet with Grant Administrator to review and complete WEI Laptop Agreement
  3. Pick up laptop (by appointment only).


Technology Resource – Laptop Application