Faculty Directory

Sharping, Ian Legal Studies-34272538
Padgett, Deborah Nursing-4128F2509
Lane, Antoinett Social and Behavioral Sciences-34512465
Haynes, Ginah Nursing-41282570
Gunby, Lucas Business Programs and Computer Technology-Barber Shop
Karim, Sandra Nursing-4128G2504
Planera, Pamela Art and Design-44352211
Tabag, Megan Social and Behavioral Sciences-34552234
Hougesen Walters, Becky Legal StudiesParalegal and Criminal Justice Programs Coordinator34302285
Mohammed, Suha Communications and Humanities-31262386
Brown, Cynthia Nursing-41202500
West, Naomi Nursing-4128I2052
Babinec, Amy Art and Design-4435D2202
Young, Naketa Social and Behavioral Sciences-34532272
McGreevy, John Allied HealthRadiological Technology Program Coordinator4469K2634
Marks, Kimberly Allied HealthMRI Program Coordinator4469Q2261
Fletcher, Dectric Allied HealthMedical Assistant and Phlebotomy Clinical Coordinator4469E2254
Brooks, Sheral Allied HealthField Coordinator4469U2379
Moran, Maureen Reading-31082569
Overstreet, La'Taria Allied HealthOccupational Therapy Assistant Program Coordinator4469P2473
Jairath, Ruchi Physical Science-4148O2417
Horn, Gregory Mathematics-4148R2381
McAley, Sarah CounselingAcademic & Career Counselor2350O2208
Hinkle, Samuel CounselingAcademic & Career Counselor2350M2392
Haroun, Zubeir Allied HealthEchocardiography Program Coordinator44532204
Wollstadt, Lynn English-32232047
Wilson, Michael J.Physical Science-4148Y2435
Wiley, Crystal English-31162267
Wells, Marilyn LibraryReference and Instructional Librarian12492239
Welling, Jamie Life Science and Physical Education-4469M2250
Wallace, Marcia A.Mathematics-4148N2626
Tucker, Eric Art and Design-4435G2300
Todd, Anthony D.CounselingAcademic & Career Counselor23502310
Thompson, Juhelia Social and Behavioral Sciences-34632366
Stark, Herman E.Communications and Humanities-34712547
Simpson, James "Jim" Physical Science-42362270
Shear, Margaret English-31222369
Schaberg, David English-31442352
Rosen, Joan Communications and Humanities-31462486
Reaves Davis, Adrienne Allied HealthMedical Assistant and Phlebotomy Programs Coordinator4469H5734
Olaleye, Caleb A.Mathematics-4148J2377
O'Leary, James Life Science and Physical Education-4469C2401
O'Leary, Patrick Mathematics-4148U2347
Myers, Eric Life Science and Physical Education-4469N2318
Mrozek, Gina Mathematics-4148R2409
Monbrod, Dennis Mathematics-4148U2342
Medlen, Jennifer Mathematics-34475706
McGriff, Shunda CounselingAcademic & Career Counselor23502259
Lyttle, Michael H.Life Science and Physical Education-4469S2376
Lu, Yixia Mathematics-4148M2425
Kumar, Sangeeta LibraryTechnical Services, Instructional and Serials Librarian12492574
Kraft, Jennifer Reading-31302540
Johnston, Lauren CounselingAcademic & Career Counselor2350C2308
Johnson, Ona' Business Programs and Computer Technology-34392357
Jefferson, LaKesha Communications and Humanities-31162267
Grzeczka, Diane Mathematics-4148Q2444
Griffith, Gerald A.Life Science and Physical Education-4469O2251
Evans, Richard Business Programs and Computer Technology-34432441
Damiani, Eugene Business Programs and Computer TechnologyBuilding Construction and Industrial Technology Program Coordinator23682292
Curless, Lisa Mathematics-4148F2025
Cooke, LaTherese R.Legal StudiesCourt Reporting/Verbatim Technology Program Coordinator50303217
Collett II, Keith E.English-31022037
Churney, Kyle English-31162267
Chou, Godwin Music-11102296
Calhoun, Christine Life Science and Physical Education-4469G2255
Brown, Alfred English-31282353
Baltuska, Laura English-31102297
Bailey, Robert English-31142460
Anderson, David Mathematics-4148V2332
Allardice, Bruce Social and Behavioral Sciences-34612277
Alexopoulos, George Physical Science-4148K2475