PLEASE NOTE: The College will be closed on Fridays during the summer (May 31 – August 2) so there will be no QLESS virtual queue on those days.

Go to the Head of the Class with QLess

Wait in line in the comfort of your own home! SSC is proud to announce the launch of our QLess virtual line system for services including Counseling, Financial Aid, and Student IDs. You no longer have to sign in and wait on campus! You can sign in virtually and wait in line while taking care of other daily tasks. We will alert you when you are getting closer to the front of the line so you have time to get to campus or prepare to take your appointment from your computer or via telephone.

Using the link at the bottom of this web page students are able to ‘Join the Line’ or book Flex Appointments.

The QLESS virtual queue will close at times throughout the day when the wait time is high and will reopen as individuals leave the queue. If you are having difficulty, please contact us at (708) 596-2000 x5724.


1 JOIN A LINE Join the line from anywhere
2 MOVE FREELY Wait wherever you want
3 GET UPDATES Receive wait time updates
4 BE SERVED Get notified it's your turn


Login to QLESS here

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