Art Galleries: Lee E. Dulgar, Dorothea Thiel, Photo-Four

The Lee E. Dulgar Gallery

“Balance and Composure”

The exhibition by the sculptor Steven Lockwood.

Now through September 14th

Closing Reception: NEW DATE: Thursday, September 21st at 11:00 a.m.

Steven Lockwood has an MFA from Northern Illinois University where he was a 3D foundations instructor. Lockwood is also a co-founder of Water Street Studios and currently getting his Masters degree in sculpture at Northern Illinois University. Not only is Lockwood is a founding board member, his emphasis was being the director of the gallery where he showcased the artists that submitting their work to the shows. Lockwood was the Gallery Coordinator for NIU’s Gallery 215, a place for grad and undergrad students to show their work to the public. Gallery 215 is a place of creative nurturing where students, faculty and visiting artists mature their work and ideas towards becoming a professional artist.

The Dorothea Thiel Gallery


Cuidadora de sueños; media oil one canvas“Silent Witness”

Artworks by Carmen Chami

September 6th through October 11th

Reception: Thursday, September 21st at 1:00 p.m.

Carmen Chami (Mexico City. 1974) graduated in Art Restoration. Chami showed a deep interest in the Mexican baroque painting technique of the seventeenth century. She studied this technique forgotten for several decades, through reproductions of the best Mexican baroque artists as Cristobal de Villalpando and Juan Correa, this research last for almost ten years. In 2016 she awarded the National Creators System Art Creators. Her paintings belong to important institutions as Mexican Presidency; Marines Secretary; National University of Mexico; Milenio Group and the National Death Museum. Currently, she is part of the National Creators System supported by the mexican government which obtained a grant for three years to develop the theme “Adlateres Migrantes”.

The Photo-Four Gallery

Milan, 2016“Light Rendering Space”

An exhibition of photographs by Susan Moore

August 23rd through October 5th

Reception: To be announced.

Susan L. Moore is a Professor at Indiana University South Bend where she teaches photography and serves as Chair of the Fine Arts Department. Moore’s photography has been exhibited nationally and internationally in individual shows as well as juried exhibitions. Her recent landscape images were selected for exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art.

“The camera, by its very nature, mediates between the subject and the print. The abstraction exaggerates this distinction. In contemporary culture saturated with images, the camera becomes a powerful tool in forming an understanding of reality.”