Art Galleries: Lee E. Dulgar, Dorothea Thiel, Photo-Four

The Lee E. Dulgar Gallery

Painting entitled "Red Tidybag"“La Louche”

An exhibition of art works by Ellen Campbell

Now through October 18th

Artist’s Reception: October 18th 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Ellen Campbell received her M.F.A. from the University of Chicago and her B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design. Ellen’s paintings have been featured in exhibitions in New York City (Brooklyn), Minneapolis and Chicago. Her work is in many private and corporate collections and has received numerous awards and honors. She lives, works and teaches in Chicago.

“I see the echoes of my childhood fascinations in this work my attraction to color and what I see as forth coming work delving into the more obviously built space.”

The Dorothea Thiel Gallery

No exhibit at this time.

The Photo-Four Gallery

“The Mask Behind The Mask”

An exhibition of photographs and digital art by David Hauptschein

Now through October 24th

Closing Reception: Wednesday October 24th at 12:30 pm.

David Hauptschein is a man of many talents…

Hauptschein is currently working on several series of photo-based digital paintings. Selections from Never Before Seen and The Mask Behind the Mask were exhibited at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago in 2016.

Hauptschein’s play, In Memory of Edgar Lutzen (2010), was produced by Secret Life Theatre at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London. Secret Life Theatre also produced The Gurney (2008) in Chicago, An Alchemy of Flesh (2008) in London, and The Playactor (2007) in London. In 2004, his play The Ballad of Johnny 5 Star, co-written with David Vlcek, premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and then transferred to the Library Theatre in Manchester, England. Hauptschein’s other produced plays include Trance, When the Walls Have Ears, The Persecution of Arnold Petch, Breakdown and Out, and The Lucid Dreamers, all of which premiered in Chicago. In addition, Trance was staged at the White Bear Theatre in London in 2002. Trance received a Fringe First Award at the 1996 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and was featured at the 1997 Arts Festival in Brighton, England.

Among Hauptschein’s other theatrical events are the Heartless Theatre production of selections from Hauptschein’s The Frank Monologues, featuring Michael Shannon; Pig American Theater’s production of No One Goes Mad: From Writings of the Insane; and The Duplex Planet Project, based on David Greenberger’s magazine The Duplex Planet.

Hauptschein’s screenplay, Country of Hotels, is scheduled to be released in 2017. He is also the creator of an award-winning experimental animated short film entitled Fecundation.