Art Galleries: Lee E. Dulgar, Dorothea Thiel, Photo-Four

The Lee E. Dulgar Gallery

No exhibit at this time.


The Dorothea Thiel Gallery


Top: Acrylic on paper by Amy Babinec Bottom: Acrylic on panel by George Liebert“Along the Des Plaines”

An exhibition of artwork by Amy Babinec and George Liebert

Extended through February 5

Artist’s Virtual Reception: To Be Announced

“Along the Des Plaines” contrasts two different reactions to the landscape along the Des Plaines River. The show features a series of plein-air paintings created by Amy Babinec and traditional artwork from George Liebert.

Babinec’s paintings, completed on-site, capture the seasonal color and light within carefully considered geometric compositions. While Liebert expands his watercolor and ink sketches into abstractions in the studio, creating improvisational, calligraphic riffs on the traditions of landscape painting, color theory, and art history.

Plein-air painting is done outdoors at the site of the subject of the painting, relying on direct observation and capturing the spirt of the landscape. Historically, many artists have chosen to use this method to better capture and interpret the feeling of the landscape, notably more difficult than studio painting where the artist works inside separated from natural elements.


The Photo-Four Gallery

No exhibit at this time.