Art Galleries: Lee E. Dulgar, Dorothea Thiel, Photo-Four

The Lee E. Dulgar Gallery

"Re Pose"“Re Pose”

An exhibition of art works by Brent Fogt

Now through August 30th

Lecture and Reception: To be announced.

Brent Fogt holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Fogt describes his art in this way: “My research and artwork focus on how small, discrete actions—additions, subtractions, divisions—accumulate over time. I create slender, off-kilter sculptures by assembling fallen tree branches, discarded furniture, worn-out clothing, and other cast-off materials that I rescue from the streets and dumpsters of my Chicago neighborhood. I suture the branches and prefabricated furniture by screwing, wrapping, or crocheting them together with cotton yarn or jute. The resulting sculptures may hang from ceilings, lean against walls, or rest precariously on floors. By placing humble, weathered materials into predefined architectural spaces, my artwork points to daily activities like standing, sitting and walking that require us to physically balance ourselves and our surroundings.”

The Dorothea Thiel Gallery

No exhibit at this time.

The Photo-Four Gallery

No exhibit at this time.