The Campus Bookstore will be closed December 3 and 4, 2020.
Anyone coming to the Bookstore for any reason will be required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

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South Suburban College owns and operates its bookstore and provides services to students, faculty, and staff. The bookstore provides all of the required tools of education and also carries a wide variety of supplemental study materials. The bookstore will special order books on an individual basis. In addition to these services, the bookstore also sells postage stamps, greeting cards and imprinted SSC merchandise.

When visiting the bookstore to make a textbook purchase, please bring a copy of your class schedule with you.

Refund and Credit Policy

All refunds/exchanges require the original cash register receipt. Absolutely no refunds/exchanges will be given without the cash register receipt. Also required is a valid student ID.A full refund/exchange on textbooks will be given within 7 days from the scheduled start of the class or 7 days from the receipt date, whichever is later. Class schedule is required for refund/exchange. Textbooks purchased for one- to three- day classes are non-refundable.

Do NOT mark in your book or remove shrink wrap until you are positive you are keeping it and the class is not cancelled. Return incorrect books within the refund period with your cash register receipt. There will be NO refund on ANY books that have opened pass codes – no exceptions.

New books must be in new condition: no highlighting, writing, damage to cover/corners/pages, open shrink wrap, open access codes, open CDs, etc. Bookstore

reserves the right to refuse any return based on the condition of the merchandise. New books that show ANY signs of usage will be credited at 50% of the original price if returned during the refund period.

Materials (supplemental books, software, supplies, and clothing) that are not required for a specific course, as stated on the Bookstore’s course list, must be returned within 7 days from date of cash register receipt. Receipt MUST accompany these refunds/exchanges.

There will be no refund/exchange on any opened software, electronics, or supplies that show any signs of usage. An even exchange will be given for any defective products.

No refunds/exchanges will be given on health items, first aid items, graduation pins, or nursing hats. No exceptions.

Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a digital textbook model in collaboration with top publishers to reduce the cost of required course materials. Access for all students begins the first day of class, with the option to opt-out of purchasing through the add/drop date.

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Book Voucher Procedures

All students making a purchase in the bookstore with a voucher are required to have a student identification card. IDs can be obtained in the Office of Student Life & Leadership on the second floor of the Main Campus.

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When visiting the bookstore to make a voucher purchase, please bring a printout of your class schedule and your student identification card.

Spring 2021

  1. Students will be allowed to purchase books in the Bookstore starting Monday, December 7, 2020.
  2. Purchases will be accepted until the close of business on Friday, February 19, 2021.
  3. Students may buy any required books, recommended books, and educational supplies.

Book Buy Back Policy

Book Buyback will be Virtual ONLY this Semester. Visit 24/7 from the convenience of your home!

The bookstore will conduct a textbook buy back during the week of finals each semester. During this period, books that qualify will be bought back at 50% of the original new price. Student Photo ID required.Books that will not be bought back at the 50% rate include, but are not limited to: books that will not be used the following semester; programmed texts; loose leaf books; custom books; lab manuals; study guides; spiral texts; SSC publications or any other books with sufficient quantities on hand to meet projections.

Deals on eText Books, Computer Software & Accessories

SSC Bookstore is now a member of RedShelf, a new way for students to purchase textbooks by buying digital. Students who buy an eTextbook at RedShelf gain instant access to their book and then have access anytime and anywhere they need it. Students are welcome to browse RedShelf.

SSC Bookstore is also a member of the NACSCORP & JourneyEd Program. Faculty and students are welcome to browse the Technology eSTORE and purchase software and computer products, some at discounted prices.

Additionally, SSC has entered into an agreement with CDWG to offer educational pricing to our faculty, staff and students. Purchases can be made by visiting CDWG/SSC.