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What is I-Share?

I-Share is a universal borrowing system for the state of Illinois. It is a free service offered to South Suburban College students, faculty and staff through our online catalog system. SSC users can obtain print materials from other I-Share libraries by placing a request via our online catalog or by visiting an I-Share library. The lending library determines the length of the check-out period and what items are allowed for loan. Materials held in any library’s reference collection or other special collections are usually not loaned. I-Share provides the opportunity to borrow an item.

When should I use I-Share?

Use I-Share when South Suburban College Library does not own, or has already loaned, a book or a media item you require.

How do I request an item using I-Share?

I-Share items can be requested through the Library’s online catalog. Most items will arrive in 2-4 business days.

What if I lose an I-Share item?

I-Share privileges will be suspended until the item is replaced or lost item fees are paid to the lending library. Lost I-Share items will also suspend South Suburban College borrowing privileges.

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What is GALE eBooks?

The Gale eBook platform is designed to cross search all full-texted eBooks, the eBook platform has been created for students to spend less time looking for credible information and more time diving into it. Gale and other partner publishers’ eBooks enable users to find and retrieve digital content that is authoritative, reliable, and relevant—covering the subjects that matter most. Gale eBook platform offers tools that will maximize your research and reach for resources.

When should I use GALE eBooks?

Students can use all the features Gale eBooks has to offer from one place. Whether it’s researching a term paper or getting background information on a subject they want to know more about, these features are at their fingertips:

  • Citation Tools: Integrated directly into the user’s workflow, formatted citations can be easily exported from single or multiple documents to services like EasyBib or MoodleTools. MLA, APA, and Chicago-style citations are supported.
  • Text-To- Speech Technology: Make resources more accessible. Audio files can be downloaded and saved onto any mobile device and read aloud in nearly 25 languages.
  • Share Bookmarks: With Gale eBooks, bookmarked links never change and are sharable to non-users. Easily embed content on your website or in printed materials.
  • Article and Interface-Level Translation: Content can be translated into 40 languages, while the platform itself can be translated into more than 30 languages.

How do I request an item using GALE eBooks?

You can simply click on the title of the eBook to access it. All eBooks on the platform have been purchased by South Suburban College. Unlimited access and simultaneous use.