Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Program (EMS.AAS)

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Emergency Medical Services programs train students in basic emergency care, intubation and how to administer medications. This degree requires two years of full-time study to complete. The program combines classroom work with extensive hands-on training in ambulances and hospital emergency departments. Students earn emergency medical technician (EMT) certification in these courses, and graduates.

Gainful Employment Information

Overview for College Success CREDITS
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1
Program Prerequisites
EMT 215 Emergency Medical Technician
Certification as an EMT
Cluster 1
BIO 115 Human Body Structure (Group V) 4
ENG 101 Composition & Rhetoric (Group I) 3
HIT 103 Medical Terminology 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (Group III) 3
SPE 108 Oral Communication (Group I) 3
Cluster 2
GROUP II Select from Humanities Elective
Students earning an Associate degree must meet the requirement for coursework on improving human relations as defined in Public Act 87-581.
EMS 210 EMS Foundations 3
EMS 212 EMS Respiratory 5
FAD 205 First Aid & CPR 2
Cluster 3
EMS 214 Trauma 5
EMS 216 EMS Cardiovascular 5
Cluster 4
EMS 220 EMS Medical 4
EMS 222 EMS Partnership 4
Total Credit Hours: 60