Pre-Pharmacy Transfer Curriculum

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Recommended AS Transfer Curriculum for Pre-Pharmacy

This is only a suggested transfer program for Chicago State University College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy, Purdue University College of Pharmacy and University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy. A potential student should take the placement test prior to scheduling an appointment with the program coordinator. For placement test information, please contact Admissions & Records at 705-596-2000 ext. 2329 or 2490.

Minimum General Education

Overview for College Success CREDITS
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1
Communications (9)
ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
SPE 108 Oral Communication 3
Humanities and Fine Arts
Students earning an Associate degree must meet the requirement for coursework on improving human relations as defined in Public Act 87-581. Courses divided equally among Humanities and Social Science courses. Students must check with each university for all current requirements.
Chicago State University College of Pharmacy (12)
Courses divided equally among Humanities and Social Science courses.
University of Illinois at Chicago (10)
Courses must include a cultural diversity course as a requirement, Social/Behavioral Sciences (3), Humanities (3), Genetics (3) and Biochemistry (3).
Midwestern University of Chicago College of Pharmacy (14)
Social & Behavioral Sciences electives, (6), General Education electives (8) (any course not related to science, math physical education or health care. Recommended courses include art/humanities, social/behavioral sciences, foreign language, and business/computer courses.)
Purdue University
A minimum of one course from three approved course groupings and prerequisites Immunology (3) Biochemistry (3). See Purdue University School of Pharmacy’s website for full listing of courses.
General Biology (8)
BIO 105 General Biology I 4
BIO 106 General Biology II 4
Human Anatomy (All Organ Systems) (8)
Purdue requires a biochemistry in place of a second anatomy course.
BIO 185 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 186 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
Microbiology (4) – Purdue University Only
BIO 224 Microbiology 4
General Chemistry (10)
CHM 113 General Chemistry I 5
CHM 114 General Chemistry II
Not needed for Purdue. Take Biochemistry instead.
Organic Chemistry (10)
CHM 203 Organic Chemistry I ( 5
CHM 204 Organic Chemistry II 5
Physics (8)
Purdue University requires only one physics class
PHY 101 Mechanics and Heat 4
PHY 102 Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics 4
Mathematics (10)
MTH 190 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 5
MTH 203 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
Purdue University Only
MTH 211 Introductory Statistics
Midwestern University and Chicago State University
Economics (3)
ECO 201 Principles of Economics, Macro
Macroeconomics preferred