Management – Manager/Supervisor Program

The trials and tribulations of a business manager are many and it’s important to arm oneself with the important skills needed to overcome the obstacles encountered in the work world. As industry moves ever forward in its quest for the new design organization, it becomes that much more important for new managers and supervisors to possess a broad knowledge of all business management principles.

The business management programs prepare men and women to seek employment or advancement in business, industry, government or service organizations. The Manager-Supervisor program develops the cognitive, problem solving, human relations, and technological skills that are necessary in operating the new design system for today’s global economy.

What will I learn in class?

Coursework includes supervisory management, principles of labor relations, human resources administration, introductory and intermediate business law, microcomputers for business, business math and human relations in organizations.

In addition, you’ll focus on the areas of marketing, economics and oral communication giving you the well-rounded education needed to face the challenges of the business world.

You’ll learn the managerial skills necessary to function in today’s corporate environment of total quality management (TQM). The Small Business Management-Entrepreneurship and Administrative Assistant options provide opportunities for increased specialization.

What is the employment outlook?

According to the Educational Testing Service, employment for managers is expected to grow at an average pace despite mergers and takeovers. The jobs that are expected to grow the fastest are in the service and computer industries and professional firms. Earnings vary with size of company, location, industry, function, responsibilities, education, experience, and ability.