Geography Transfer Program

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As geography is the study of our earth, the courses offered in this program provide students with a general understanding of all the global realms and their regions. Emphasis is on physical, economic and cultural geography. Currently the program offers two courses, GEO 103 (Geography of the Developing World) and GEO 104 (Geography of the Emerging World). The regions/realms of the course offerings are segregated based on economic geography. GEO 103 highlights countries such as the United States, Japan and Australia who are well developed and GEO 104 focuses on underdeveloped areas. Students learn ways of preservation of the developed countries and identify means of improvement for the areas still under metamorphosis. Acceptance and understanding of all global cultures is stressed.


The Geography Program at South Suburban College seeks to expand student understanding of global physical and cultural patterns, along with the implications of change and cultural diversity. Through two courses in developed and developing countries, students will be introduced to contemporary issues and study them from a geographic prospective.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students will be able to use written text, speech, maps and graphics to identify and describe physical, economic and cultural themes of every region on earth. Students are exposed to cultural diversity of the various regions and encouraged to accept the differences other cultures offer.

Recommended AA Transfer Curriculum for Geography

This curriculum is only a suggested transfer program and might not be appropriate for every student. Some four-year institutions accept more than 62 credit hours in transfer to fulfill requirements in geography. Consult the Transfer Center for help in selecting courses appropriate for the program at the college or university where you plan to transfer.

Faculty are available during scheduled office hours to advise students about their program and career opportunities. Peruse some of the offerings in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

All full-time transfer students are required to take OCS 121.

Overview for College Success Credits
Overview for College Success (OCS 121) is a class that will help you plan and assist you in becoming a better student and support you in your work/life balance. OCS 121 credit is not calculated in the course minimum credit totals listed in this section.
OCS 121 Overview for College Success 1

Minimum General Education (46-47)

Communications (9) Semester Hours
ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENG 102 Composition and Research 3
SPE 108 Oral Communication 3
Humanities and Fine Arts (9) 9
GROUP II Humanities Elective
Students earning an Associate degree must meet the requirement for coursework on improving human relations as defined in Public Act 87-581.
Social and Behavioral Science (9) 9
Students earning an Associate degree must meet the requirement for coursework on improving human relations as defined in Public Act 87-581.
PSC 101 American National Government 3
HIS 109 Europe to the 19th Century 3
Mathematics (6-7) 6-7
MTH 115
MTH 161
General Education Mathematics
Finite Mathematics
MTH 126 Fundamentals of Statistics 3
Physical and Life Science (11) 11
BIO 101 Concepts of Biology 3
GEO 101 Introduction to Geography 3
AST 101 Introduction to Astronomy 4
Area of Concentration/Electives (18-20) 18-20
GEO 103 Geography of the Developed World 3
GEO 104 Geography of the Emerging World 3
HIS 110 History of Modern Europe (19th and 20th Centuries) 3
HIS 203 Early American History 3
ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
ECO 201 Principles in Economics, Macro 3
BIO 102 Introductory Biology 3
BIO 103 Environmental Biology 3
BIO 105 General Biology I 3
CHM 111 Introductory Chemistry I 3
ECO 202 Principles of Economics, Micro 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology 3
Minimum for AS Degree 62-65