Reverse Transfer of Credit

What is Reverse Transfer of Credit?

If you transfer to another college or university before completing your associate degree at South Suburban College (SSC), you can still earn an associate degree through Reverse Transfer of Credit.  Reverse Transfer of credit allow students who transfers from a community college to a four-year college before earning a degree to get their associate degree.  In most cases, these students will complete the course work needed for their associate degree at the four-year institution.

Do I qualify?

If you can answer yes to the following statements, you may be eligible:

  • I have transferred a minimum of 15 transferable hours to from SSC to my post-secondary institution.
  • I have earned a minimum of 60 transferable hours from any previously attended post-secondary institution(s).
  • I have not previously earned an Associate’s degree from an Illinois community college.
  • I am aware of the degree requirements to earn my Associate’s and will complete the courses at my current university to satisfy those requirements.

The Benefits of Completing an Associate Degree: 

  • It demonstrates a marketable credential on your resume
  • It increases your internship and employment opportunities
  • It demonstrates your academic skillset and scholastic achievements
  • It illustrates your ability to plan, to persevere, and to achieve your goals
  • It helps you reach an important milestone in your academic and career path

Begin the Reverse Transfer of Credit Process 

Interested students who have earned 15 or more credit hours from SSC can initiate this process by contacting their current university of attendance.  The university will submit the students transcripts to SSC at no cost to the student. SSC will then conduct a degree audit. If the student has met the requirements for the associate degree, SSC’s staff will award the degree, also at no cost to the student.

Questions? Contact ​Counseling 210-5724 ext. 2511