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South Suburban College Transfer programs parallel the freshmen and sophomore years at four-year colleges and universities. Students can complete two years at SSC and transfer in their junior year without loss of time or credit. Students who have selected a major can complete lower-division coursework to prepare them for advanced study.

South Suburban College is an active member in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) and the Course Applicability System (CAS). The IAI is a transfer system that allows you to start your education at one school and complete it at another with no interruption of credit. The two schools are “articulated”.

There are three parts of IAI: General education core curriculum, Illinois Articulation Initiative Baccalaureate Majors’ Recommendations (IAI Majors) and (Formerly CAS).

General Transfer Information

South Suburban College offers a wide variety of courses specifically designed for transfer. This enables students to complete their first two years of coursework leading toward a Bachelor’s degree in virtually any field of study at a four-year college or university. The keys to transfer success are to start planning immediately and to select your coursework carefully. SSC counselors and academic advisors are available to help students draw up their Master Academic Plan (MAP). If you plan to transfer, you should strive to achieve four important goals at SSC:

The general education and graduation requirements for these degrees at SSC are clearly spelled out in this catalog. See your counselor to plan your MAP.

Lower division courses are those normally taken by students in their first two years of college. These are the college transfer courses offered by SSC. Every four-year college and university in Illinois has different general education requirements. Catalogs and transfer guides for all Illinois colleges are available in the Counseling and Transfer Centers. In most cases, it you select your general education coursework carefully, you can simultaneously satisfy the general education requirements for both SSC and the transfer institution. Build these requirements into your MAP.

You should also familiarize yourself with the criteria for admission into the specific program major at the college where you plan to transfer. In some cases, specific lower division coursework is required. Important information is available in the Counseling and Transfer Centers. Ask for the specific articulation guides for community college students planning to major in certain fields (e.g., engineering, chemistry, or business). Detailed course equivalency guides are also available. This information should be included in your MAP.

Obtain a transcript form from the Cashier. Complete the form, requesting that transcript of your coursework at SSC be sent to the school where you intend to transfer. Be certain to verify that the transcript has been received by your transfer institution.

If you experience difficulty in transferring any of your courses, contact the Director of the College & Career Success Center for assistance. Generally, if college officials intercede on behalf of SSC students, they are able to facilitate the resolution of transfer problems.

Students intending to transfer to other colleges or universities are encouraged to plan their programs with a counselor in the College & Career Success Center to
ensure compatible course selection.

Transfer Programs

SSC has over 70 Career and Transfer Credit Programs to choose from to help get you started in your career.

Transferability of Courses

Not all courses at South Suburban College are intended for transfer. Transfer courses are designated as such in the catalog. Students who follow the recommended South Suburban College transfer courses are more likely to transfer without losing credits.

Students can consult the College & Career Success Center for details regarding program requirements for four-year colleges and universities in Illinois. Students should work with their Counselor, the College & Career Success Center, Program Coordinator, and/or Academic Administrator along with the IAI/CAS web sites to verify transferability of individual courses. Students who encounter a transfer problem or question should contact one of the above individuals to help resolve the issue.

Contact the College & Career Success Center before making transfer plans. Access QLESS or call (708) 596-2000, ext. 5724 for an appointment.
SSC’s Acceptance of Transfer Credit

All students are categorized according to their curriculum or educational objectives. Changes in the student’s curriculum or educational objectives can affect applicability of courses. Students planning to transfer credit to South Suburban College must provide an official transcript to Admissions. Transfer credit is reviewed according to the following conditions:

  • Transfer credit must be from an institution of higher education as recognized by a regional accreditation organization at the time when credit was earned.
  • Credit which is applied to SSC’s transcript is subject to all Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) guidelines.
  • Posted transfer credit hours can be used to fulfill program, elective, or general education credit requirements at SSC. Students should work with the Counseling Department and specific Program Coordinators to determine which transfer credit is applicable toward program completion.
  • Credit earned through the Educational Competency Evaluation Program (ECEP) may not be applied to the AA, AS, AFA, AES, or AES degree at SSC. A student seeking ECEP credit must follow the guidelines published in the SSC catalogue.
  • ECEP credit may be applicable toward certain AAS degrees. See the program coordinator for more information. A student seeking ECEP credit must follow the guidelines published in the SSC catalog.

Transfer Credit Requirements

General Education Requirements for A.A., A.S., A.F.A., A.E.S., and A.A.S. Degrees


General Education
Requirements for A.A.S. Degrees


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