WEI Success Stories

Photo of Arnisha Daugherty

Arnisha Daugherty

Prior to staring the WEI program Arnisha worked in a low-paying factory position for two years, where she continued to struggle financially and did not see a career pathway with the company. She was determined as a single mother that she wanted to do better for her family and herself. Excited, yet apprehensive, because she had attended two previous colleges and was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, she was motivated to apply to South Suburban College and the WEI program and was accepted.  Arnisha contributes her success to the support system that was provided through the WEI program. She has now obtained employment in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistance and enjoys going to work daily. She now sees a future in the healthcare industry, and is looking forward to furthering her education at South Suburban College through the Nursing program.

Photo of Drew Hill

Drew Hill

Drew, said his biggest obstacle was his mindset. Before he started the program he describes himself of “caring too much about what others think.” The barber program helped him to perfect his craft, interact more easily with others and clarify his goals. He is very happy. “Really now, I am on a better path and I’m in touch with myself personally. This course definitely helped with my life.”

Photo of Natasha Moore

Natasha Moore

Natasha Moore had a desire to assist her community in providing additional resources that she believed would empower people of all ages. Natasha saw an advertisement for the WEI program at South Suburban College that offered short-term certificates in the area of her interest. Natasha really enjoyed both programs and successfully completed all courses within 16-weeks with a 4.0. G.P.A. Natasha shares one piece of advice that she would like to give to future students’, “Take full advantage of all of the opportunities that the WEI program has to offer, whether it is educationally, financially or career wise.” The South Suburban College WEI program offers great benefits that extend beyond the program.” Natasha is successfully employed as a Community Health worker.

Photo of Lonetta Smith

Lonetta Smith

Lonetta came into the WEI as a very focused and persistent student. She prides herself on hard work and dedication. The WEI took notice of her diligence, as she attended all student professional development training sessions and dedicated herself completely to her studies. She completed her PCT training in Grant Year 3, 2022!! She is an exemplary student and the WEI would like to applaud her success.