Business & Career Institute Presents: Exploring the Hidden Power of Racism in the Workplace Webinar

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL – The Business & Career Institute (BCI) of South Suburban College presents a webinar entitled Racism Anonymous: Exploring the Hidden Power of Racism in the Workplace on Thursday, December 3rd from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

In this lively and engaging three-hour introductory workshop, participants will explore the internal and external influences that shape our personal and racial identities. We then examine racism and how those mostly invisible forces elicit structural advantages for some but also create many harmful impacts on our society and those living within it. The following four questions that will be explored:

  1. What is racism really and how it does it affect everyone?
  2. How has racism contributed to the shaping of your identity?
  3. How does racism show up as a power system in our culture and at work?
  4. What do I need to know in order to fight racism on the job?
    1. This introductory workshop demonstrates that productive conversations about race are possible and that there is an effective methodology for facilitating them. The workshop serves as a starting point for an organizational journey toward becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization for all the following associates:

      • Business owners, administrators, C-suite executives
      • Supervisors, managers, team leaders
      • Human resources professionals
      • Employees
      • Anyone aligned with the fight against racism
        • The workshop will be held virtually and reservations are required. The cost to attend is $35 per person or $30 per person if three or more from the same company attend. To register, please call (708) 225-6055 or email, and for other questions, email

          About the facilitator: Dr. AnDrea Larkin Hendrix, is an educator who loves to harness critical thinking and healthy debate to inspire learning. She has taught at the college and university levels for 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and History, and a Master of Education Degree in Instructional Technology, specializing in HR training and development. AnDrea uses her Ph.D. studies in Rhetoric to examine how people use symbols and messages to create knowledge.