Law Day at South Suburban College: A Resounding Success!

South Holland, IL — South Suburban College (SSC) celebrated Law Day on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, marking a significant milestone in fostering legal education and awareness within the community. The event drew an impressive turnout, with state and local law enforcement agencies, high school students from Bremen, Hillcrest, and Oak Forest, SSC legal studies students, and last but not least, SSC staff converging to partake in a day filled with immersive experiences and insightful discussions.

One of the highlights of the day was the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, First Division hearing oral arguments on a criminal case, presenting attendees with a rare opportunity to witness legal proceedings firsthand. The case was argued by representatives from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Office of the State Appellate Defender, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.

ASA Andrew Yassan and AAD John Breffeilh graciously engaged in a stimulating Q&A session following the oral arguments, providing attendees with valuable insights into the legal profession. Justices Lavin, Pucinski, Coghlan, and Cobbs also remained for a Q&A session, offering further enlightenment on the intricacies of the judicial process.

The event featured a diverse range of activities designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of law enforcement and the legal system. A mock crime scene, meticulously arranged by the Illinois State Police, allowed students to immerse themselves in the investigative process and gain practical insights into forensic analysis. A training Forensic Investigator provided detailed explanations, ensuring that attendees could correlate their observations with real-world forensic practices.

“Master Sergeant, December Melville highlights the Illinois State Police’s ongoing commitment to educating and inspiring future generations through the immersive mock crime scene experience. Now in its second year, this initiative provides invaluable insight into the crucial work of Crime Scene Investigators (CSI), offering attendees a firsthand glimpse into the challenges and responsibilities faced in the field. By fostering understanding and appreciation for the complexities of forensic investigation, the Illinois State Police continues to shape the next generation of law enforcement professionals.”

Throughout Law Day at SSC, participants were not only equipped with knowledge but also inspired by the dedication and expertise demonstrated by legal professionals and law enforcement agencies. The event served as a testament to SSC’s pivotal role in promoting legal literacy and fostering community engagement. The inclusion of a night session focusing on the seamless transition to four-year institutions underscored SSC’s commitment to facilitating academic and professional advancement.

As SSC looks forward to future endeavors in legal education and community outreach, Law Day stands as a shining example of the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

For more information about SSC’s Legal Programs and its upcoming events, please contact, Becky Walters, Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice Program Coordinator via email at

Justice M. Coghlan, Justice T. Lavin, Justice A. Pucinski, and Justice C. Cobbs at Law Day 2024.

PHOTO: South Suburban College Law Day. Pictured left to right: Justice M. Coghlan, Justice T. Lavin, Justice A. Pucinski, and Justice C. Cobbs