Lean Construction Workshops Coming to Oak Forest Center

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL–South Suburban College is presenting a series of Lean Construction workshops designed for construction professionals in a variety of positions. Each workshop is four hours. The first workshop, Introduction to Lean Construction, will be offered on a choice of dates. Following this workshop, construction professionals may take all or any of five topics at SSC’s Oak Forest Center and featuring Lean Construction expert Larry Rubrich of WCM Associates. Mr. Rubrich has been a Lean expert for over 35 years and has been doing Lean Construction workshops since 2003. He has written several books on Lean.

Sessions Include:

Introduction to Lean Construction
Thursday, February 25 or Wednesday, March 9 4-8pm
Lean Construction eliminates organizational waste to improve the flow of construction information and material. Waste is any activity that does not add value to the project and that the owner would not be willing to pay for.

Lean Construction-5S
Thursday, March 10 4-8pm
In Lean Construction, once waste is identified the appropriate Tool is applied to eliminate the waste. 5S is a Tool to create a safe, clean and organized work area.

Lean Construction-Last Planner Project Scheduling (PS)
Thursday, March 24 4-8 pm
The goal of Last Planner is to efficiently produce a quality project that meets the owner’s required delivery date through the elimination of the traditional GC “command and control” scheduling environment. By using frequent two-way project communication and allowing the entire team (including sub-contractors) to take ownership for their work, deadlines are met.

Lean Construction-Choosing by Advantages (CBA)
Thursday, April 7 4-8pm
Often in construction we must make a decision where there is more than one option or choice. CBA is a structured decision-making process.

Lean Construction-Standard Work
Thursday, April 21 4-8pm
Standard Work is the agreed upon and documented procedure for how to do a project process. Standard Work documents the safest, best and easiest way to do a project process.

Lean Construction-A3 Problem Solving
Thursday, May 5 4-8pm
A3 Structured Problem Solving provides an organized configuration to eliminate chronic and systemic business problems instead of jumping directly from the problem to just any solution.

All sessions will promote efficient, effective, positive bottom line results, resulting in a more satisfied customer and a more productive company. In a time of tough competition and expensive materials, the cost of the workshops and the few hours spent in each will certainly more than pay for itself. More importantly, you will be able to continue to use these tools. Each workshop is $195 per person with group rates or training at your site available. Workshops include a light dinner.

For more information or to register, please call Nancy Burrows at (708) 596-2000, ext. 3258 or email NBurrows@ssc.edu. The Oak Forest Center is located at 16333 S. Kilbourn, Oak Forest, Illinois, with convenient access from I-57, I-80, and I-294.