Purchasing, Contracts, and Payment

Basic Fiscal Procedures & Policies

Over the years, numerous procedures and policies have been established relative to the payment of goods, services and equipment received by the College. These functions will be performed according to Board policy, purchasing procedures and Illinois Compiled Statues, Chapter 110, Section 805/3-27.1, which sets forth the requirements for the use of competitive bidding by community colleges.

Request for Proposals and Bids

Administrative Procedures

  • The Board will assume no obligation for payment for goods or services except upon duly authorized purchase orders.
  • The amount paid a vendor must not be in excess of the contractual amount, after adjustments for returns and sales taxes.
  • South Suburban College is exempt from sales tax. Sales tax will not be reimbursed for goods purchased. Contact the Purchasing Office or Accounts Payable for tax exemption letters.
  • Correct budget accounts must always be charged. This is necessary to ensure the proper categorizing and reporting of College expenditures. In all cases, final approval of the budget account charged with rest with the Treasurer and Controller.
  • Federal regulations require that all vendors have either their Federal Identification Number (FIN) or their social security number on file with the College before a disbursement can be made.
  • Original signatures, in ink, are required on all documents. A signature stamp will be accepted only if the administrator is off campus and had authorized in writing, the use of the stamp.
  • Every payment must be supported with proper documentation, such as an original invoice (no photocopies), or other appropriate documentation. Vendor’s statements and credit card statements will not be accepted as a form of documentation.


  • The President and Vice President of Administration are authorized by the Board to sign contracts subject to prior approval of the Board. Contracts for performances paid from Student Development funds should be initialed by the Vice President of Student Services before being forwarded to the Vice President of Administration for signature. This policy shall apply, except in cases specified by State law which require the signature of the Chairman or Secretary of the Board, or designee, or President of the College.
  • Contracts for performances require the submission of an approved contract and completed purchase order prior to the date of the performance.
  • The Board will assume no obligation for payment for goods or services except upon duly authorized purchase orders.

Request for the Disbursement of Funds

  • All requests for the disbursement of funds must be made through the use of a purchase order or check request.

Purchase Orders

  • The purchase order system should be used whenever possible. This process has been designed to provide the necessary supplies, equipment and services to support the goals and objectives of your department while maintaining control over expenditures.
  • All purchase order requisites should originate with the department or cost center having the need for goods, services or equipment. A purchase order requisition form should be generated on the system and signed as per the signature schedule. The requisition should then be forwarded to the Purchasing Office for final approval and release for printing. Under our current system, the Purchasing Office will generate a purchase order after you properly enter the requisition into the system and secure the necessary signatures.
  • The purchase order will then be distributed based on your disposition instructions. For additional information, please contact Purchasing Coordinator, Jane Kawanna by e-mail or at (708) 210-5757.

Check Request

  • When a purchase order has not been used, a check request should be used to initiate payment. Typically, check requests will be used to pay for services that are not easily procured by purchase orders i.e.: formal contracts, invoices for professional services, small expenditures, etc. Whenever possible, a purchase order should be used.
  • When a check request is used, it must be completed, and signed according to the signature schedule and sent to the Business and Accounting Office for processing. The original invoice and other supporting documentation must be attached to the check request. Quantities, extensions and additions should be checked on all invoices before being processed.
  • For travel, meetings, and mileage reimbursement, a travel expense report should be completed. More details are available in the Travel Policies and Procedures Guide.
  • Upon receipt of your check request and supporting documents, payment will be processed and will be made directly to the vendor following approval by the board of Trustees at their monthly meeting. For additional information, please contact Accounting Manager, Peggy Bette by e-mail or at (708) 596-2000 ext. 2218.

Imprest and Trust & Agency Checks

  • Disbursement through imprest or trust & agency funds require that a check request be completed and approved according to the signature schedule.
  • A separate check request should be used for each disbursement and supporting documents must be attached. Imprest payments are typically used to pay subscription invoices, freight bills, club expenses, payments to officials for athletic events, athletic team travel funds, travel advances, and conference registrations. Hotel reservations and automobile rentals are to be made though the purchase order process.
  • Because the imprest fund is limited, the maximum disbursement will be limited to $500. For additional information, please contact the Business & Accounting Office at (708) 596-2000 ext. 5720.

Petty Cash

  • Reimbursements from petty cash require that a petty cash voucher be filled out in ink and approved by an authorized administrator. A separate voucher should be used for each reimbursement and supporting documents must be attached to the voucher. The Manager of Business & Accounting will handle these request for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursements are limited to $25.
  • Sales tax will not be reimbursed

Signature Schedule

When an administrator or cost center director affixes their signature to a purchase order requisition, check request, or other request for disbursements, they are verifying that it is in accordance with Board policies, applicable laws, and that there are sufficient funds in the budget to cover the expenditure. The administration has the authority and responsibility to deny a disbursement if the expenditure does not conform to Board policies and applicable laws.

  • All purchase order requisitions, check requests, and other request for disbursements must be approved and signed according to the following schedule:
Up to $100 Managers
Up to $500 Directors
Up to $1,000 Dean
Up to $3,000 Vice-President
Over $3,000 President & Treasurer
  • Expenditures of Trust & Agency funds must be approved according to the organizational by-laws of the club, and bear the signature of the sponsor.
  • The Vice-President of Administration or his/her designee will sign all purchases orders.
  • All South Suburban College checks will bear two signatures from the facsimile plate. In case of an emergency or when the facsimile plate is not readily available, the Treasurer is authorized to be the sole signer on Imprest and Trust & Agency checks.
  • For travel requests and travel expense reports, please refer to the Travel Policies and Procedures guidelines.

Vendor Information

  • A vendor is defined as a company or individual (other than College employees) who provides goods or services for the College.
  • Any and all vendors (except those qualified by the State of Illinois Purchasing Contract) shall comply with this policy.
  • Companies or individuals desiring to sell goods and/or services to the College shall from time to time, be required to furnish information and complete forms relative to state and federal law. This information shall be kept on file in the Business and Accounting Office. Information to be furnished shall include, but not be limited to:
  • The type of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, BEP, FBE, MBE, DBE, VBE, etc.) and identification of the owners.
  • Certification of non-violation of Illinois Compiled Statutes, Citation 720 ELKS 5/33E-3 and 5/33E-4, which prohibits colleges from awarding contracts to vendors convicted of bid-rigging or bid-rotation.
  • Certification of non-violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act.
  • Certification of non-violation of the Prevailing Wage Act.
  • Maintenance of policies in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act, and the prohibition of sexual harassment.
  • Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form – Internal Revenue Form W-9.
  • A vendor list will be prepared by the office of the Treasurer and reviewed annually.
  • The College conforms to the State of Illinois BEP program, as defined in PA 99-0462.  For more information or to register, please refer to the State of Illinois Central Management web page  https://cms.diversitycompliance.com/.

Discretionary Purchases

  • Each department to the College has the option of choosing the vendor(s) from whom they wish to order supplies and/or services that are not governed by bidding regulations. Therefore, it will be necessary for you, or your representative, to contact each department on an individual basis to introduce your company and it’s products or services.