Frequently Asked Questions about Placement Testing

Placement testing determines where you begin your studies at South Suburban College and your readiness for college level courses. It is important that you do your very best.

The results will determine if you are college ready or developmental courses are required. Developmental courses will add time and money to earning a degree or certificate.

All new degree or certificate seeking students entering college for the first time need to take the placement test unless exempt based on previous college credit or ACT/SAT scores. New students can email or bring ACT/SAT scores to SSC Testing Center to be entered into your student account for college class placement. Students can only take the placement test after they have completed an Admissions application.

Students can contact the College & Career Success Center at (708) 596-2000, ext. 5724 go to QLESS to schedule an appointment with a counselor for more information.

The placement test is administered in the Assessment Center, located on the second floor of the main campus in Room 2266. No appointment is needed. Plan for a hour per test (Reading, Math and English) for a total of three hours of testing.

Please read the Assessment Center’s Rules of Conduct section of the Assessment Center webpage.

The placement test consists of three sections: English, Reading and Math. You may take the complete test in one day, or break the testing areas up over multiple days.

ACCUPLACER is the Reading test, ALEKS PPL is the Math test.

The English department uses handwritten essays for English placement for all students. Making an appointment to take this placement essay in-person at the Assessment Center is strongly suggested.

Your ACT/SAT scores in Reading, Writing and Math may exempt you from taking the placement test.

Use the table to determine whether a combination of your ACT/SAT scores and your high school grades will exempt you from taking one or more parts of the placement test.

If you believe you should be exempt from taking one or more parts of the placement test based upon your ACT/SAT scores, you must make an appointment to see a Counselor to waive the appropriate part of the test.

NOTE: English and reading placement score expire after 3 years and math scores expire after 18 months.

Subject ACT Score SAT Score GED Score High School Requirement SSC Placement
Reading 19 480 165 3.0/4.0 No Reading Required
English ENG 101
Math 19-21 460-529 MTH 097 or MTH 100
22 530-539 165 3.0/4.0 and 4th year Math MTH 115 or MTH 126 – COREQ
23 or higher 540 or above MTH 115, MTH 126, MTH 145 or MTH 165

Geometry is not assessed as a part of the placement exam. Students must submit high school transcripts with successful completion of one year of Geometry from High School with a grade of D or higher or they must enroll in MTH 096 and complete with a grade of D or higher.

Yes. Preparation can save you time and money!

The placement test determines whether or not you are prepared to enroll in college-level courses, or if you need to complete developmental courses before taking college-level coursework. Preparing yourself for the placement test by reviewing and taking practice test can save you time and money!


Accuplacer® Review Materials eBook

Based on your placement scores, there are up to three levels of English, three levels of Reading, and five levels of Developmental Math courses that may be required.

Each developmental course you place into will cost you extra time and money to complete and also uses up your financial aid eligibility. It is important that you are prepared in order to place in the highest level possible.

The following chart shows the time and money required for each developmental course at SSC.

Developmental Math Course Course Length Hours Billed Cost College Credit Earned
MTH 085 1/2 Semester 2 $339.50 No
MTH 091 1/2 Semester 2 $339.50 No
MTH 093 1/2 Semester 2 $339.50 No
MTH 095 1 Semester 4 $679.00 No
MTH 097/100 1 Semester 4 $679.00 No
5 Courses 2-1/2 Years 14 $2,376.50 NONE
Developmental English Course Course Length Number of Hours Billed Cost College Credit Earned
ENG 097 1 Semester 3 $534.25 No
ENG 098 1 Semester 3 $534.25 No
ENG 099 1 Semester 3 $559.25 No
3 Courses 1-1/2 Years 9 $1,627.75 NONE
Developmental Reading Course Course Length Number of Hours Billed Cost College Credit Earned
RDG 080 1 Semester 3 $549.25 No
RDG 081 1 Semester 4 $719.00 No
RDG 082 1 Semester 3 $549.25 No
3 Courses 1-1/2 Years 10 $1,817.50 NONE

In conjunction with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office the Assessment Center offers a noise reduction environment, page magnifiers, priority seating and a proctor or scribe if needed.

If you have a disability for which you may need special accommodations for testing such as needing a scribe or a proctor, or help with the placement testing students, please contact the Students with Disabilities Office (SSDO) at (708) 596-2000, ext. 2572, Room 2268. For the hearing impaired, call the TDD at (708) 596-2000, ext. 2573.

Students with disabilities will also need to make an appointment with the testing center staff so we can accommodate the student’s needs.