South Holland Resident Fatima Serrato Sworn in as Student Trustee at South Suburban College

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL–South Suburban College (SSC) student Fatima Serrato was sworn in as Student Trustee at the college’s May meeting of the Board of Trustees. She was welcomed to her new role by Chairman Terry R. Wells.

Feeling a bit too comfortable with her life earlier in the school year, Serrato decided to run for the Student Trustee position for a change of pace. “I wanted to branch out and try something new that would be considered out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Normally I would not choose to be given the spotlight, but I’m looking forward to this role.” As a result of her victory, Serrato will vote on behalf of the student community at monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Consistent communication was credited most by Serrato in her appointment as Student Trustee, noting that she was determined to obtain the 50 student signatures needed for her nomination, in spite of any obstacles created by the pandemic. “I informed students of my intentions for running for Student Trustee, how I want to be an advocate for them and implement some new ideas,” Serrato added. “My overall goal is to fulfill the needs of SSC students throughout my term.”

This South Holland resident has the desire to be an advocate for not only the student population at SSC, but also in her eventual career, working as an OBGYN in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Serrato remarked, “I’ve always wanted to positively impact the lives of others. I’m excited to begin serving the student population, similar to how I will advocate for my patients one day.”

In addition to her new role as Student Trustee, Serrato is active in the SSC Green Club, where she serves as Vice President. She also works as a student assistant alongside Dean Devon Powell in Student Services. Serrato has additionally earned a Summer School Scholarship as well as the SSC Student Trustee Scholarship, resulting from her recent election. She concluded, “I’m looking forward to making my mark and a positive impact at SSC.”

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved as an SSC student. Registration for the Summer Semester is underway with a start date of June 6. For more information or for assistance with registration, access the live chat button online at or call (708) 210-5718. The mission of South Suburban College is to Serve our Students and the Community through lifelong learning.

A photo of Vice President of Administration Martin Lareau, Student Trustee Fatima Serrato and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Terry R. Wells.
PICTURED: Vice President of Administration, Martin Lareau (left) shakes hand of newly elected Student Trustee, Fatima Serrato (center), alongside Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Terry R. Wells (right) at the South Suburban College May Board Meeting.