South Suburban College 2015 SCRIBLERIAN Wins Major Awards

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL– The South Suburban College literary and art magazine The Scriblerian, has won “Most Outstanding Community College Literary/Art Magazine for 2015” from the American Scholastic Press Association and also a “First Place with Special Merit” award. Rick Jones, sponsor to the student organization the New Scriblerus Society for the past twenty-four years, said, “This is quite an honor and one we were surprised to receive. We have won First Place with Special Merit before but never this high honor of being the best in the entire United States. It shows that we are publishing an incredible product of the best in our students’ writing and artwork.” When the editor, Tyler Arnold, was informed, she exclaimed, “Awesome!” Jones said Arnold has been one of the best editors he has ever had the pleasure to work with on the magazine and that she had done outstanding editing for the past three issues of the magazine. “I have a new editor, Adam Witt, this year. He won our English department’s English Student of the Year award last May and is also an incredibly talented short story writer.”

The American Scholastic Press Association notified the college in December that it had won these awards. In a letter received, the ASPA stated, “Your magazine shows the superior efforts of talented and creative editors, writers, artists, layout/graphic designers, staff members and advisors. Creating the magazine supports a community of young writers and gives them esteem.” Jones said he really liked the final commentary that praised the magazine: “The Scriblerian is an excellent publication! Not only have you mastered the basic elements of a good magazine, but you have also published excellent works from your school’s population. Scriblerian is a model for those up-and-coming magazines and an inspiration for those magazines that haven’t quite aced the necessary skills.”

The magazine gave out awards for best poetry, best story, best essay, best art, and cover design at their awards celebration last June. Jones said that this year’s magazine will be available in May, and he expects it to have the same overall quality. He stated, “My layout editor and I work very closely in making sure the magazine contains only the best of the submitted works by our students and that it is proofread very well with each issue. We are quite proud of our accomplishments.” The 2015 edition of the magazine is available in the SSC English Department and library.

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